EAA Chapter 377


Chapter 377 -Who Dares To Steal My Man Part 1

Lin Ruo Ying’s lips shuddered. She wanted to speak a couple of times, but there was a fire in her throat that made her unable to do so.

‘Master, save me!’

She crazily screamed that in her mind as she pleaded with her eyes.

“Lin Ruo Ying, there is an alternative way to end your pain.” Zi Qian Jing smirked coldly as he said the next statement with heavy emphasis on each words, “That. Is. To. DIE! I won’t stop you from killing yourself. If you really can’t stand it, you can just die right now!”


The youth then turned around and walked toward the moonlight after tossing those words out.

Right now, the pressure hadn’t vanished so Lin Ruo Ying could only stare with horror at the brute walking toward her. Fear seemed to fill her entire body.

The brute looked as though he had eaten an aphrodisiac as his ugly face was flushed. When he shot a burning gaze at Lin Ruo Ying lying on the bed, he acted like a parched person that had found a sweet, clear spring.


He dashed over and raped her without a care.


Lin Ruo Ying took in a cold breath at that instant. The intense pain made her face distort.

What Zi Qian Jing said was right. Aphrodisiacs would bring joy while the Sexual Fire Pill only give her boundless suffering. What made her even more disgusted was the body odour of the man which made her stomach churn. She couldn’t help but want to spew out everything she had eaten the last couple of days.

‘Can I only be relieved from this torture with death?

‘But I don’t have the courage to do so…’

Lin Ruo Ying bit her lips as she closed her eyes to stop herself from looking at the brute pressing against her body. It seemed that only like this could she try and imagine it was that noble and powerful man on her body…

The next day.

Sunlight shone into the room and brought warmth with it.

Mu Ru Yue opened her eyes and looked at the man lying at her side before smiling faintly.

It was undeniable that the man by her side was really handsome. The faint purple Devil’s Snare pattern enhanced his charm. His fair skin gave off a faint glow beneath the sunlight.

His beauty reached a point where it was even better than some girls.

Mu Ru Yue gradually raised a hand and her slender finger traced his exquisite brows and eyes before moving toward his lips. Her gaze was focused and gentle and even had a bit of joy in them as she looked at her man.

Just as she wanted to withdraw her hand, the man suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed at her arm before pulling her beneath him.

“Wu Chen, you’re awake?” Mu Ru Yue was stunned before she complained, “My back and waist are aching. Don’t you have a limit? Get off my body!”

Ye Wu Chen smiled and replied, “You were the one that teased your husband first.”

“Tease?” Mu Ru Yue widened her eyes and glared at him. She then snapped, “If that’s teasing, aren’t you too easy to tease?”

“Your husband just can’t resist your teasing. But your husband indeed didn’t control himself last night and made you too tired. Thus, your husband will let you off for now.”

Ye Wu Chen lowered his gaze to the young girl beneath him. He kissed her brows and eyes gently before smiling charmingly. “Let’s get out of bed. We will probably have to face some troublesome matters today.”

Mu Ru Yue turned her head to avoid looking at Ye Wu Chen’s gentle gaze. That gaze of his nearly made her heart leap out.

“Wu Chen, I would have been able to deal with those people even if you didn’t appear yesterday. But…” She paused slightly before continuing with a smile, “You returned…”

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  2. I still would have killed her if there is anything I learned reading these stories worth memorizing. It’s that you pull weeds out by the roots, so they don’t return with the spring wind. I swear if she messes with my dream couple again, I’ma flip a table and then pop a cap in her….?

    Anyway thank you so much miki (4 ur wrk) your amazing as always!!! ?

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      It is so hard for translators at times xD They know some people will be put off when tortures becomes a tad extreme~ but still have to post the chapter ^^

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