EAA Chapter 375


Chapter 375 -The ‘Mistress’ Outcome Part 4

Fu Li teared and wailed with his shaky elderly voice. It could make people unable to stay expressionless.

The dean frowned slightly as he swept a gaze at him and replied, “Song Ran had indeed used up all of his Mundane Stage pills. I had taken his last pill for my grand disciple. It is also a fact that he broke his wrist. I personally saw him trip over a rock and smash his wrist.”

Fu Li’s expression froze as he looked with astonishment at the dean, an unpleasant expression on his face.

‘He smashed his wrist on a rock? Can’t you two come up with a better reason even if you wanted to lie? This is too unbelievable! You are clearly bullshitting!’


But Fu Li understood the outcome.

The dean was harboring Song Ran!


“That’s right, Fu Li…”

Fu Li came back to his senses after hearing the dean’s voice. He hastily lifted his head and, with hope in his eyes, queried, “Dean, do you still have anything you want to instruct?”

“Oh, it is like this.” The dean caressed Silver Leaf and replied without lifting his head, “Since it is your disciple at fault initially, let this matter go. You are forbidden to seek trouble with the disciples of the Alchemy Hall. If I find out that you did, you know the outcome!”

‘This old man came in here wailing before even letting someone report his arrival. He almost made me drop Silver Leaf! He now wants me to help him deal with Senior Yue? In his dream!’

Fu Li’s expression stiffened as he dazed at the dean. He wanted to rebuke, but seeing the annoyed expression of the other, he swallowed his words and stood up with a daze before heading out of the room.

He had never been at such a loss in his life!

Moreover, all of this was due to that girl!

A fury that covered the heavens surged in Fu Li’s eyes. No matter what, Ye Wu Chen was a disciple of his Martial Hall. He would force Ye Wu Chen to break his relationship with that girl unless he wanted to be expelled from the academy!

Men and women of the Central Region were realistic. They clearly knew what to choose whether they were to pick with their feelings or with benefits in mind.


The night was tranquil like water.

Two figures were constantly intermingling on a bed. Panting sound could be heard frequently. They finally stopped after a long time…

Ye Wu Chen flipped his body over onto the bed and lifted his arms to embrace the girl. The Devil’s Snare pattern on his handsome face enhanced his charm and nobility. He lowered his gaze to the girl that was drenched in sweat. He smiled gently and asked, “My wife, why do I feel that you are even more tired than me?”

‘No kidding!’

Mu Ru Yue glared at him as she complained, “My energy level isn’t as great as yours. Ye Wu Chen, do you have any ideas about what Nangong Zi Feng had said?”

Ye Wu Chen’s expression turned gloomy after hearing about that woman. He smiled after a long time and replied, “I have just fragments of memories of her, but they aren’t complete. But I have a feeling we will remember all of it one day.”

“Actually, there isn’t any difference from the past and now. It suffices for you to be by my side. Right, there is also about the son from our past. I had come to the Central Region to find him.”

Mu Ru Yue then told Ye Wu Chen how Nangong Zi Feng threatened her and all of the memories she had seen from her. Ye Wu Chen’s expression darkened instantly after hearing what she said.

“Nangong Zi Feng! She dared to threaten you. It is fortunate that she is dead. Otherwise, she would still use that matter to threaten you sooner or later.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled gently and replied, “Don’t worry. I won’t let Zi Feng hurt our son. Similarly, I won’t fall for her threats.”

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  1. No hasitation, immediately confirm the lies without batting an eyelid. The dean is a dam good actor when it come to MRY..

  2. Mn. Between the Dean’s examples and those of Big Sis Zhu Yao and Master Yu Yan, I feel like I’ve successfully cultivated my shamelessness.

    1. indeed so as a chinese female originally i was already shameless but i feel that ive broken through to another level higher thanks to MRY, Zhu Yao, chu yang, and zhou weiqian. *nods*nods*

  3. I feel like I have to reread this, because I don’t remember how Jiang er (their prior incarnations son) has his limbs. Didn’t he get his limbs ripped off at the age of five by whats her face? O.o

    1. Post

      He regrew his limbs painfully due to wanting to have a good and perfect appearance when he meets up with his parents~

      1. I can dig that. Now is that just something I missed being said in the story, or is this one of your explanations? XD

        Honestly i’d accept it either way since I enjoyed your little story telling for the end of Child of Light. ahaha

        1. Post

          It was really said….~ hehe~ well it is the end of the novel~ won’t it be too boring if I just post all the chapters~

  4. Yeah, go ahead and try and do something to Ye Wu Chen. Especially when they figure out who he is! hahahaha Your days are numbered, Fu Li, just give up 😛

  5. “Men and women of the Central Region were realistic. They clearly knew what to choose whether they were to pick with their feelings or with benefits in mind.” Fu Li, it would be benefitial and very realistic for you to not go bother YWC, or you’ll die an ugly death… well, i’m sure this advice is falling into a deaf’s ears.

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