EAA Chapter 373


Chapter 373 -The ‘Mistress’ Outcome Part 2


Zi Qian Jing stomped on Lin Ruo Ying’s hand. When the other opened her mouth to give out a shriek, a pill was tossed into her mouth.

“You… what did you feed me?!”

Fear appeared in Lin Ruo Ying’s eyes as she yelled, crazed.


Zi Qian Jing sniggered and revealed, “It is just something that will make your live a life worse than death along with the downfall of your reputation. You will know about it soon enough. Haha! Lin Ruo Ying, I will let you roam freely for a period of time. Have a great time enjoying it!”

Even though the girl before him wasn’t Zi Feng, to him what they did was similar. Thus, Zi Qian Jing was relieving both his grudge and anger that had accumulated for Zi Feng onto her.

Instantly, he felt an ecstasy that he never felt before…

“You… you’re a demon!” Lin Ruo Ying’s body shuddered as she said, “If you want to kill me, just do it. Why must you use such a weird thing to deal with me? I don’t want that!”

Zi Qian Jing lifted his gaze. Ruthlessness and a thirst for blood could be seen in his eyes.

“I abandoned my humanity to be a demon after what happened that year when I was just five. I don’t mind even if I have to destroy the world for them. I won’t let that tragedy happen again. Lin Ruo Ying, it is you yourself that willingly jumped into my hands.”

He was once kind-hearted, but after his limbs were chopped off and his family annihilated, he cast that kindness away. To the current him, it didn’t matter what ruthless methods he used to achieve what he wanted.

‘Zi Feng!’

Zi Qian Jing closed his eyes gradually. His intense hatred of her made his body trembled. He took a couple of slow, deep breaths before he opened his eyes to look down emotionlessly at Lin Ruo Ying.

“Lin Ruo Ying, don’t even think about resolving that poison. There is only one person in the world that can resolve it. But that person currently hasn’t reached that capability yet so nobody will be able to help you.”

That person was Senior Yue.

“Zi Qian Jing, my master won’t forgive you for what you have done!” Lin Ruo Ying shouted with all her might.

Zi Qian Jing chuckled coldly as he said without fear, “If he has the capability, he can come and seek me. It is a pity that I, Zi Qian Jing, don’t need to place any importance on that old man.”


That’s right, Zi Qian Jing currently gave off an insufferably arrogant feeling.

He stood there with his hands behind his back. With the flutter of his silver robe, his body’s shadow elongated under the sunset. His poise made people dazed. It was undeniable that Zi Qian Jing’s appearance was outstanding. He looked like someone that came from a picture. He was magnificently handsome, noble, and powerful.

“What did you say?!”

Fu Li slammed his hand on a table in the Martial Hall. With an ashened expression, he yelled, “It wasn’t strange as to why there weren’t any disciples of the Martial Hall here today. I didn’t expect those bastards to lay a hand on my Martial Hall’s disciples. Furthermore, my disciple was one of them. Tell me, how is my disciple?”

The protector looked timidly at Fu Li as he reported, “She was carried back, but she was severely injured. She is now in a vegetative state on a bed. Her internal organs also suffered severe injuries.”

“Good! What a good Alchemy Hall! Song Ran, if you don’t give me an acceptable explanation this time, I definitely won’t forgive you!”

The Alchemy Hall was obviously bullying them. How could he endure it? If he didn’t avenge them, he wouldn’t be Fu Li.

“Elder, what is more important now is Lady Lin’s injuries. If you continue to fall out with the Alchemy Hall, it will be impossible to obtain any pills from them. Won’t you be at a disadvantage then as you won’t be recompensed?”



Zi Qian Jing stomped on Lin Ruo Ying’s hand. When the other opened her mouth to give out a shriek, a pill was tossed into her mouth.

“You… what did you feed me?!”

Miki looked at her with disdain and commented, “It is a candy.”

Lin Ruo Ying looked curiously with her eyes lit up at Miki and queried, “It is a Candy?”

Miki face palmed. “Your mind must be the size of a peanut.” [Miki: Teheh~ XD I couldn’t help playing with this scene~]

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      Some candy that will slowly rot her internal organs with no antidote to it XD Yup Miki is so kind hearted~ 😛 *twiddles with finger as she looked at the possible terrified gazes of her readers* But…but she was mean to my female lead…. *looks away*

      1. thats Too fast Miki. You should of just *censored for graphic gore and violence* and then shot her into the sun

  1. So he gave her a pill, eh? I’m certain that she shall either lose her looks as Ditha above my hypothesized, or most likely shall suffer unimaginable pain throughout every day of her life.

    1. yeah, but he still had that kind side of his. its only his hatred and trauma that pushed him to do that after all.

      but jing er is still a good kid. (wonder who he looks like? his mom? or his dad?)

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