EAA Chapter 372


Chapter 372 -The ‘Mistress’ Outcome Part 1

Lin Ruo Ying bit her lips, her complexion paled. She couldn’t help but retreat two steps back. Glimmers danced lightly in her eyes. There was only one method that could save her now, but the price of that would be too large.

“Want to run away?”

Zi Qian Jing smiled sinisterly. With a move he soared, his silver robes flying through the sky before he landed in front of her.

Lin Ruo Ying’s heart palpitated as she saw his oncoming handsome face. The man raised a hand before she could even plead mercy.



A tyrannical power infiltrated her body.


Lin Ruo Ying was thrown backward mercilessly. She spurt a mouthful of blood out as she stared with astonishment at the man walking toward her.

“Lin Ruo Ying, who do you think you are to use that mistress tone? Moreover, you wanted to hurt her after listening to Zang Qing Xue’s provocation! Just with that fact, you had signed yourself up for a thousand deaths!”

Zi Qian Jing never thought of himself as a good person.

To him, he didn’t mind killing everyone that harboured negative intent toward his parents. Don’t even mention Lin Ruo Ying who wanted to kill his mother, he still wouldn’t have let her off even if she didn’t did this today. After all, she was actually delusional enough to try and enter his parents’ relationship.

“No! Don’t do this!”

Lin Ruo Ying widened her eyes from the terror she felt. Her body shook uncontrollably as she explained, “I only loved a person. What mistake have I made that warrants your current actions?”

‘I’m not in the wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why are they treating me like this then?’

“It indeed isn’t wrong to love a person. What was wrong was that you did something you shouldn’t have done.” Zi Qian Jing smiled coldly, a trace of killing intent in his eyes.

Loving someone indeed wasn’t wrong.

It wasn’t a secret that Bai Ze loved mother, but he would never think to hurt his parents. He instead continued to protect mother and even helped father. More importantly, he was trapped in that place due to Zi Feng all because of him…

Hence, love wasn’t wrong. It was just your actions that mattered.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tyrannical power landed consecutively on Lin Ruo Ying’s body, making the usual prideful and egoistic her void of any way to retaliate. She bit her lips, forcibly bearing with the heart wrenching pain.

It wasn’t just external injuries.

That youth’s power infiltrated her body, striking her internal organs…


‘I don’t want to die this easily!’

However, Lin Ruo Ying still thought that she wasn’t in the wrong. She indeed poised herself as his mistress, but that was due to her not knowing that he was wedded and thought that only she herself could match up with him in the academy.

She was just delusional in trying to kill Mu Ru Yue for him. What was wrong with that? The only one that had done wrong was Zang Qing Xue who lied to her.

Furthermore, up to now, Lin Ruo Ying still believed that Mu Ru Yue was inferior to her and wasn’t compatible to him!

“Lin Ruo Ying, I suddenly feel that it is meaningless just to kill you.” Zi Qian Jing looked at the girl who was on her last breath. He then gradually withdrew his hand and smiled sinisterly as he commented, “I have a better way of dealing with you.”

Lin Ruo Ying really was unlucky. If she was dealt with by Ye Wu Chen or Yan Jin, even if their methods were ruthless, they would still make her die cleanly.

But the one before her was Zi Qian Jing who had suffered several years of torment from Zi Feng.

That woman had similarly loved his father and wanted to kill his mother that year, leading to the fall of his family. How much hatred was there for her to do that?

Suddenly, Zi Qian Jing felt that Lin Ruo Ying’s face was the same as the one in his memory of that woman. A sinister chilling aura surged from his eyes…

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  1. Jing er already have a little brother (the little dragon if I recalled back), now maybe little sister? The mini XRY…that little one will be an apple of their life. Heavily dotted by WC…yes, doting father. I can imagine any young boys, or male get sweep away by WC flick.

  2. You better give birth to a son ’cause I’m gonna marry him? He should be as handsome and faithful as Wu Chen. Then I won’t have to worry about finding the perfect man for me??..

  3. Yes! Beat up that delusional girl for me please?? Oh Lin Ruo Ying you are so gonna get it. B*tch please Mu Ru Yue and Wu Chen are meant to be. My ship ? sailed and it ain’t gonna stop!

  4. Finally made a wordpress account…can’t change icon? Odd. Regardless I have finally done it Miki! After staying up for eight hours I have completely finished reading every single translated chapter of EAA!

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  6. I’m actually kinda feeling sorry for her.
    Lin Ruo Ying was just annoyingly Chinese not much else.
    And with Mu Ru Yue being mid-xiantian what was there to fear?
    This kid should have culivated so he could greet his parents in their next lives and offer the bitch’s screaming soul and corpse as a wedding gift for them if he’s so eager to punish.

    1. I started feeling a little sorry for her, but then I thought about if some hussy tried to act like she was with my dad in front of my mom… I’d want to punish her too. Especially if she thought she was better than my mom… *shakes head slowly and gets hands ready for some slapping*

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