EAA Chapter 36


Chapter 36- Recruited A Servant

Mu Rue Yue slightly raised her brows. She definitely couldn’t tell him it was due to using the assistance of pills. During these few months, excluding her breakthrough to the Third Martial Stage under Wu Yu’s instructions, her Alchemist skills also had improved greatly, to the point that manufacturing medicine became extremely easy. Her talent literally scared Wu Yu senseless.

With a couple of supportive type medicinal pills, Mu Ru Yue was confident that those of equal level as her wouldn’t be her opponent.

“Mister Li, do you still remember what you said previously?”

It was better for Mu Ru Yue to not mention that. Once mentioned, Mu Qing’s expression darkened.


Li Lu had turned 19 before he could reach the Third Martial Stage, so his innate talent wasn’t strong. The one that was powerful was his father. As the Protector General of the Kingdom of Zi Yue, he held 3,000 elites soldiers and a couple tens of thousands of soldiers in his hands. That general only had a son and treated him as his treasure. No matter what Li Lu requested, he definitely wouldn’t reject. The most important point was that His Majesty also had to give that general respect.

If Li Lu agreed to that wretched girl’s request, it would probably create trouble for Ting Er. With the Protector General’s manor as her support alongside the fact that she wasn’t a trash, His Majesty might agree if she were to suggest that she wanted to wed the Crown Prince. If that were the case, then what would happen to Ting Er? Therefore, I cannot let that happen.

“Shut up!” Fury expressed on Mu Qing’s face, he shouted, “Mu Ru Yue! What status do you think a noble son of a Protector general has?! You want him to be your servant? Immediately apologise to Mister Li!”

The crowd hadn’t expected that he would shout at his daughter in public, so they were stunned. They knew that Mu Qing disliked Mu Ru Yue, but they didn’t know it was to such an extent. She was his own daughter after all, and bloodties were valued above all else. Why did they feel as though Mu Qing hated her to death while Mu Ting Er, who was only adopted, was instead loved and pampered?

“Mu family?”

Looking at such a scene, Wu Yu frowned, his gaze slowly becoming unpleasant. “Don’t even mention that brat of the general becoming her servant. Even if she wanted the Emperor to serve her, it would also be acceptable. Seeing how audacious this Mu family is, I really don’t know how my precious disciple survived until now.”

If it wasn’t for Mu Ru Yue not wanting to make their relationship known, he would have charged towards that bastard Mu Qing and teach him a severe lesson! But this matter mustn’t be exposed yet. After the competition, he would beat up Ye Tian Feng as revenge for his precious disciple.

“Mu family’s head, this matter doesn’t seem to involve you.” Li Lu glared at him unhappily, as he snapped, “Even though I, Li Lu, am a womanizer, I’m still a bonafide man. Father had taught me that I must do what I’d promised. Since I’ve promised Lady Mu, I’ll definitely keep to my words.”

Mu Qing’s expression changed drastically as he hadn’t expected this to happen.

Moreover, Li Lu had known in detail about Mu Qing’s actions all these years. He scornfully looked at him and continued, “Furthermore, I’ve heard that the genuine young mistress of the family was bullied and insulted by the Masters and even the servants. The weird thing was that an adopted girl from an unknown place was loved and pampered instead. Is this the way of your family, or is it that the adopted girl was your biological daughter from an unknown brothel’s prostitute?”

Hearing that, Mu Ting Er’s adorable face turned ashen as she tightly clenched her fist, furiously glaring at Li Lu.

That brat actually dares to insult me and say that I was born of a prostitute. Unforgivable! He shouldn’t think that even if he is the son of the Protector General, he can do anything he wanted. My Mu family’s power isn’t weak either.

If it isn’t to keep up my feeble image, I will definitely make that brat bleed on the spot!

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  2. Hope Li will be a good sport and keep his promise. Based on the last chapter when he conceded defeat, he seemed like a decent sport, or at least competent enough to realize when actions would be futile.

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  4. I am waiting for the day that Mu Qing knows the truth. He will “vomit blood” when he realizes that he has treated so bad to someone with a legendary talent and than his beloved Ting Er is guilty of that.
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  5. Thanks for the hard work and chapter!!! Hope what Li Lu said was from the heart, that way, Mu Qing will terribly be regretting the fact that his pampered princess was the cause of Mu Ru Yue not being able to cultivate and that his so called trash daughter has a stron ally against them…

  6. Thank you so much for the two chapters 😀 After face-smacking Mu Bitch I start to really like Li Lu xD I really hope Mu Rus Master doesn’t lose his mind I really want to see how her family reacts to loosing all their face, credibility and their dreams and hopes. Well I would also enjoy some serious face-smacking starting from her little sister and ending with the king xD

  7. I can understand Ting Er being pissed due to being a bitch, and I can maybe half understand the father misunderstanding literally everything (although not sure what he’s been smoking to get that kind of reaction). But man the little sister takes the cake. She’s pissed off just because she can’t call her trash anymore? great upbringing! Clearly Ting Er doesn’t even need to school her, she’s already on the “right track” of being a shameless hearthless brat.

  8. Li Lu good job, *thumbs up*, I decided to support your character, finally someone who can see trough that sl- ahem bi- ahem useless trash of a woman who only knows how to ruin and seduce others. wait wouldn’t useless vixen suit her, yup let’s just call her that. anyways, good job Li Li for teaching that useless vixen a lesson 😉 your master (lol yes, why not?) is proud.

  9. Wu Yu is awesome! Seriously, gotta love the man! And Li Lu, good to know that you are a honorable person! I would have probably started ranting if you had decided to go back on your word and humiliate her! XD

  10. Thank you for the translations! They’re pretty good. However, I think instead of ‘Protector General’ it would be better to say ‘Guardian General’. It flows better. I know it’s quite late to tell you this now, but I just wanted to express my opinion.

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      Thanks for commenting on it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the novel to the current release 🙂 I think I will stick to Protector General though as it seems more Chinese-like in my point of view. The meaning of that title is intuitive anyways. Cheers! <3

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