EAA Chapter 356


Chapter 356- Explanation? What explanation? Part 1

“It’s her. It must be her!” Hui Ying extended his shaky hands toward the plant. His white hair made the hearts of people ache for him as he continued, “She’s back. What Lord Bai Ze said was right; she would definitely return.”

They had once followed her when they were hot-blooded and ambitious youths. Currently, several years had passed and they had all aged and died. Yet, she was now as youthful as she was thousand years ago…

“Ancestor master, it is not only that. The little girl possesses the Phoenix Furnace. Song Ran, give the ancestor master a rundown.” The Dean looked at Song Ran and instructed him.

“Yes, dean.”


Song Ran suppressed his curiosity as he narrated what happened that day to Hui Ying. When Hui Ying heard that Mo Li had spoiled the pill furnace to try and sabotage Mu Ru Yue, his anger surged forth. But when he heard about Mu Ru Yue taking out the Phoenix Furnace for the examination, slight awe was expressed on his elderly face.

That woman had changed their lives that year. Even after thousand years, her position in their hearts remained unchanged.

She was a goddess in their heart. She was a mighty figure that mustn’t be blasphemed.

She was also a person that they chased after all their entire life and eternity.

“Where is she now?” Hui Ying raised his head and asked anxiously.

“About that… she refused to come here.” The dean glanced cautiously at Hui Ying before continuing, “I also don’t know where I had displeased and offended her. But don’t worry, ancestor master, I will definitely bring her here.”

When the dean saw Hui Ying’s darkened face, he immediately raised his hand and swore.

Mhm! I must see her as soon as possible to be at ease.” Hui Ying’s expression gradually relaxed as he continued, “But you are not permitted to use any forceful method. Furthermore, you must take good care of her. If she loses a single hair, I will kill you!”

The dean shuddered violently as he replied with an obsequious smile, “Don’t worry, ancestor master. I will definitely protect her.”

“Alright, you are dismissed.” Hui Ying waved his hand. With a gloomy expression, he commanded, “As for Mo Li, there isn’t a need for him to continue staying in the academy.”

With that simple statement of the ancestor master, he announced Mo Li’s fate…

“Understood, Ancestor master.” The dean cupped his fist before turning his head to look at the stupefied Song Ran. “Why are you still in a daze? We’re leaving.”

Song Ran abruptly came back to his senses and followed the dean out of the cliff cave.

Once he exited the cave, Song Ran’s steps halted as he asked carefully, “Lord Dean, who were you all referring to by ‘her’ just now? Can it be…”

‘Senior Yue?’

Song Ran was unable to say that title in the end. He just couldn’t believe that the young girl was Senior Yue. But if it wasn’t Senior Yue, how could the ancestor master make such an expression?

The dean glared viciously at him and said, “You shouldn’t ask anything that you shouldn’t know. You just have to remember to forget everything that happened today. Do you understand? Another task is to think of a way for her to come to the back mountain willingly.”

The dean was still unclear as to whether the little girl had eaten the wrong medicine until now. Why did she suddenly become angry?

Hehe! Dean, don’t fret about that. She was just flattering you for the Alchemy Book. Moreover, she had exposed her power before you for the same reason. She, however, didn’t expect that you didn’t think about taking her Alchemy Book. Hence, she was slightly melancholic. She isn’t angered by you and should be fine in two days. Once the dean suggest the matter to her again then, she would definitely agree to it.”

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