EAA Chapter 350


Chapter 350- The Dean’s Astonishment Part 1

That’s right, Mo Li’s skills were just too weak. Yan Jin accidentally used too much force and crippled him. It didn’t have anything to do with him, really.

‘Accidentally crippled him?’

The crowd glanced at Mo Li who was currently in a sorry state. Could such injuries be done accidentally? What was more frightening was that this magical beast had called Mu Ru Yue his master.

Nobody didn’t know what being a master represented.


“Master.” Lin Ruo Ying looked at Mu Ru Yue before shifting her gaze toward the elder and continued, “Master, I think lady Mu Ru Yue didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t know if master can forgive them on my behalf?”

“Ruo Ying, you’re asking for forgiveness?” asked the elder indifferently as he frowned, his gaze landed on Lin Ruo Ying.

Lin Ruo Ying nodded slightly as she explained, “This lady seems to be acquainted with Ye Wu Chen, although I don’t know if that is the truth. Even so, I still want to seek forgiveness for them. What if she really knows him? It won’t be good if Wu Chen becomes enraged when he returns. Since she is someone he knows, I should take good care of her.”

‘Ye Wu Chen…’

The elder’s expression softened after hearing that name.

He had been in this academy for so long, but he hadn’t ever seen such an outstanding disciple. Perhaps only a girl like Lin Ruo Ying could be compatible with such a person.

The elder turned his head to glance at Lin Ruo Ying before nodding in satisfaction.

‘No matter if it’s her personality or talent, Ruo Ying is extremely outstanding. Even though Ye Wu Chen refused to be my disciple, it would still be a happy event for him to wed my disciple.

‘They are really compatible. They may even become a divine couple only inferior to the legendary Senior Yue and Zi Huang.’

“Ye Wu Chen?” When Yan Jin caught that name, his expression darkened slightly. He then shot a sharp gaze at Lin Ruo Ying and questioned her, “Who are you to Ye Wu Chen?”

That woman’s last question made him unhappy.

‘What does she mean by taking good care of the little girl for Ye Wu Chen? It is as though that the little girl was a burden while she was the wife that undertook some responsibilities for her husband.’

Lin Ruo Ying’s good-looking face blushed as she replied with a light smile, “I’m Wu Chen’s friend.”

“Friend?” Yan Jin chuckled coldly as he continued, “I doubt you are treating him as a friend. But what I really want to know is if you were the one to self-proclaim yourself as his friend?”

‘How can a man like Ye Wu Chen befriend a girl that has ulterior motives? He definitely wouldn’t do anything that would hurt the little girl’s heart.’

“Impudent!” The elder’s expression changed. Just as he was about to erupt with fury, Lin Ruo Ying by his side calmed him down.

She shook her head and smiled lightly before she said, “Master, didn’t you promise that you won’t bother them? Let’s just forget about it. It’s just plain talking. I, Lin Ruo Ying, haven’t reached the point to care about every word said by outsiders.”

The elder still doted his disciple and he suppressed his surging anger.

“Alright, I, Fu Li, won’t bother with you all on Ruo Ying’s behalf. But I will have a good talk with Song Ran as to why he allowed people from his department to come here and make a ruckus!”

He shook his sleeves before commanding in a cold tone, “Ruo Ying, let’s go!”

“Yes, master.” Lin Ruo Ying bowed slightly before smiling toward Mu Ru Yue and advised, “Lady, since you are Wu Chen’s friend, I will naturally help you out. Otherwise, he might be unhappy when he returns. But you shouldn’t be so impetuous next time. Some matters don’t require that you show off your abilities and would have passed if you just bore with it. You mustn’t hurt others.”

She turned to leave after saying that.

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  2. What the heck? What kind of academy is this? Is this really the best academy? It sure is full of shameless elders, sly cowards, white lotuses who acts like mistress shamefully?? *roll eyes* thank you for the chapter ♡ wanna hurry and teach hrm a lesson. Slap them in the face!!

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