EAA Chapter 349


Chapter 349 -Yan Jin’s Domineering Return Part 2

“Yan Jin, you’re back?” Mu Ru Yue retracted her gaze and looked at the man in mid-air.

The man lowered his deep black eyes. When his sight landed on the young girl’s face, he moved in a flash toward her. “Little girl, I had said that I would return after an increase of my power. Moreover, how do you want to deal with this person?”

‘How do I want to deal with him?’ To be honest, Mu Ru Yue hadn’t thought about that yet.

“What is going on here? Why is it so rowdy?”


Suddenly, an elderly figure entered from the side.

“It seems that the one making a commotion isn’t a human, but a magical beast?”

Magical beast? The crowd was a little shocked as they lifted their gazes toward the handsome and cold face of that man. This strong man was a magical beast? It was no wonder why he was so strong just now.

Yan Jin snorted coldly as he looked toward the approaching person.

Similarly, Mu Ru Yue also looked at him…

The elder’s white robe fluttered as he walked over. He had a cold smile on his elderly face and coldness in his eyes. There was also a beautiful girl walking by his side. When Mu Ru Yue glanced at her, she recognised that she was Lin Ruo Ying who was the one she met when she tried to look for Ye Wu Chen at the Martial Hall.

Why did they appear here?

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her gaze slightly as she stared at those two.

Zi Qian Jing placed some pressure on his toes before leaping to stand before Mu Ru Yue, tossing a cold gaze at Lin Ruo Ying.

There wasn’t any son that would have good feelings for a girl that was trying to destroy his family. This girl had previously used a tone as though she was the wife of his father, completely acting like a mistress of the family.

It was unknown why she came here today.

Yan Jin and Zi Qian Jing stood separately by Mu Ru Yue’s sides as they stared warily at those two. If they were to make any move, they would instantly deal with them.

“Are you a disciple of the Alchemy Hall?” The elder had a cold smile as he continued, “You as the disciple of the Alchemy Hall is really mighty. Not only did you come to make a mess of my Martial Hall, you also injured my martial arena in-charge. Who gave you the guts to do so?”

As he said that, he looked at Mo Li who was lying on the ground and sighed helplessly.

That hit would cripple him if it didn’t kill him. Mo Li wouldn’t have any uses from now on.

“He was the first to break the rules and made his move. Yue Er was just protecting herself.” Yao Yun Qing’s expression changed. She had first beat Liu Li and then beat Mo Li. Now this old man came out.

Was everyone at the Martial Hall so shameless?

At this moment, Yao Jun Qing actually forgot that she was also from the Martial Hall.

“You are a new talented disciple of the Martial Hall?” The elder narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Don’t forget that you are a person of the Martial Hall!”

Yao Yun Qing snorted and rebuked, “So what?”

Hehe! Little girl, you have a backbone and it suits this elder’s taste. I agree that Mo Li was in the wrong. But even if he had done wrong, you should have let me handle it and not cripple him!”

The elder chuckled coldly before shifting his sight to Yan Jin.

“It is indeed rare to see a magical beast that can humanize. It can’t be that you won’t give an explanation for what you had done wrong, right?”

“Explanation?” Yan Jin smiled coldly. “What should I explain? That bastard tried to hurt this senior’s master. This senior accidentally used too much force and didn’t know he was so weak. Hence, it ended up like this. All in all, it is him being too weak. What has it have to do with this senior?”

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        1. Hi, the previous translator (timebun) made an announcement that Qidian will start translating it from the beginning, maybe you should check that

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