EAA Chapter 343


Chapter 343 -You Must Be Responsible Toward Me Part 1

A group of youthful disciples were looking at the two girls fighting within the martial arena of the Central Region Academy. Some people even whistled, their eyes burning with excitement.

“Take a guess, will it be Liu Li of the Alchemy Hall or Yao Yun Qing of the Martial Hall winning this fight?”

“If it is a competition in alchemy, Liu Li would definitely win, but if it is in battling, the outcome won’t be as easy to guess. I heard that Yao Yun Qing is really powerful. She is just a new disciple of the academy but she has already reached the Xiantian realm. Even though there are several young Xiantians in the Academy, it is rare for someone her age to reach Xiantian.

Everyone was discussing quietly as they stayed to watch the show.


The two beauties each had their various talents. If they were to fight, it might form a pleasing sight.

“Liu Li, just tell me where Zang Qing Xue is!” Yao Yun Qing looked at Liu Li, boundless fury dwelling in her clear eyes as she continued, “Call Zang Qing Xue out for me. I want to kill her!”

Liu Li giggled as she looked at the girl before her with disdain as she said, “Kill her? Just by yourself? Yao Yun Qing, you are just a bumpkin that came from unknown origin. Don’t think you are a genius just by entering the academy with your innate talent. In the eyes of us nobles, you are nothing! Don’t even mention Mu Ru Yue’s disappearance as it doesn’t have anything to do with Zang Qing Xue. Even if it did, so what? It can’t be that you would charge into the Zang family to kill her, right? You’ll most probably be killed by her brother who is overprotective of her before you can even touch her.”

Yao Yun Qing’s clear eyes were filled with anger and anxiousness.

She already disappeared for half a year. The heavens knew that she had searched each and every inch of the academy for her, including the exterior area of the academy. But there still wasn’t a single trace of Mu Ru Yue.

The only possibility left was that…

It was that she faced danger.

Furthermore, the only one that could cause trouble for her was people like Zang Qing Xue.

That woman escaped previously. Once she met her again, she would definitely avenge Mu Ru Yue!

“Liu Li, don’t you think I won’t know what you are actually thinking. I guess that you all want Little Yue Er dead. Initially, when she just entered the Alchemy Hall, all of you bullied her and forced her to participate in the exam. In the end, she passed the exam and every one of you aren’t satisfied. No matter what, Yue Er’s refining pill standard is superior to all of you. It is useless even if you aren’t satisfied. Every one of you can only live in the shadow of her light for all eternity inside the Alchemy Hall!”

That young girl was so peerless and captivating. It would be impossible for her not to attract jealousy, especially Liu Li who had bullied her by partnering up with Zang Qing Xue.

“You bitch!”

Liu Li’s expression changed as a trace of fury sparked to life in her beautiful eyes. She exclaimed, “You said I am jealous of her? What is so good about her that is worthy of jealousy? She just depended on her little innate talent to do whatever she likes. It’s not like there aren’t any other youths that had broken through to the Earth Stage High Rank at her age in the academy. So, why should I be jealous of her?”

That’s right, Liu Li was indeed jealous of Mu Ru Yue, but it was impossible for her to say it upright.


Yao Yun Qing raised her long sword that emitted an earth-yellow glow.


The ground momentarily quaked. Numerous rocks on the ground moved and shot mercilessly toward Liu Li.

Liu Li’s expression turned grim. With a wave of her red sword, flames instantly shot forth, forming into numerous swords that greeted the oncoming rocks.


Peng! Peng! Peng!

The rocks that had been pierced by the fire swords turned into dust…

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