EAA Chapter 336


Chapter 336 – Ye Wu Chen’s News Part 8

The girl was scared senseless and she only regained her senses after a while. She bit her lips as she looked at the stirred-up young girl with that peerless appearance and said, “Ye Wu Chen, he… he is a disciple of the martial hall. Now…”


A white figure floated past her before she could finish what she wanted to say. The young girl glided through the air and vanished from under the splendid sky.



The martial hall was filled with clamours as the crowd whispered and discussed. At this time, a gale blew through the hall and the previously noisy martial hall instantly quietened.

Everyone cast their gazes toward the peerlessly beautiful young girl that appeared in mid-air…

The young girl possessed unmatched beauty. Her face looked as though it were carved from jade. Those thin lips beneath a tall nose curved slightly upward as eyes as dark as the night sky expressed excitement.

She swept her gaze past the entire hall, but didn’t see that man’s familiar face.

“Where is Ye Wu Chen?” Mu Ru Yue suppressed her surge of feelings as she tried her best to sound normal.

Ye Wu Chen’s name was like a god in the martial hall. When the crowd heard those three words, countless gazes turned into daggers that shot toward Mu Ru Yue.

“Who are you to him?” A green-clad girl stood up slowly as she looked warily at Mu Ru Yue’s peerless appearance with slightly narrowed eyes.

This girl’s appearance was outstanding. It was a mystery as to how she was related to Ye Wu Chen and why she had come here to seek him.

“My relationship with him doesn’t have anything to do with you.” With raised brow, Mu Ru Yue continued indifferently, “Where is Wu Chen now?”

“Wu Chen?” The green-clad girl wariness intensified as she looked at Mu Ru Yue with a gaze like that of someone looking at their nemesis. “You call him so cordially. Has he agreed to let you call him that? Apprentice Brother Wu Chen is not only powerful, he has a handsome appearance. More importantly, he isn’t one that falls for beauty. It is not strange for him to have several pursuers. It is a pity that Apprentice Brother Wu Chen doesn’t judge a person by her appearance. He won’t fancy you so I suggest you never call him in such a manner. Otherwise,  Apprentice Brother Wu Chen will be angered. At that moment, no one will be able to save you!”

“What Qin Le said is the truth. Younger apprentice sister, don’t blame us for not warning you. Ye Wu Chen keeps people at a distance. There was once a girl delusional enough to try and seduce him. In the end, she was tossed away before the crowd, which led to the disfiguration of her face. You have a captivating appearance, but he might not even fancy you.”

The person that spoke was a girl in green garments. She also looked at Mu Ru Yue as though she was looking at an enemy.

Even if it were in Hua Xia, some super idols would have crazy fans in love with them, not to mention this foreign land that lacked morals. It would then be strange for a man as outstanding and perfect as Ye Wu Chen to not have pursuers.

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze darkened as she shot an icy gaze at the two that spoke. “Where is Wu Chen? Speak!”

The young girl emitted a frosty air, her jet black eyes cold and unfeeling. She currently didn’t want to listen to anything other than information of the man.

The girl known was Qin Le was frightened, but she pursed her lips, looking at the young girl’s impeccable appearance with disdain.

The rest just sighed in agony.

It seemed that there was another admirer of Ye Wu Chen. When that guy first came to the academy, the entire academy crazed to the point that two girls fought over him.

The men in the martial hall sighed in agony as they subconsciously envied Ye Wu Chen’s great luck.

How could they not be jealous with so many girls admiring him, especially this white-robed girl? She had such an outstanding appearance. If they were in Ye Wu Chen’s shoe, they would have definitely kept all of the girls that appeared. It was perfectly normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines anyway.

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