EAA Chapter 334


Chapter 334- Ye Wu Chen’s News Part 6

Mu Ru Yue felt a pressure coming to her from the side. With a raise of her brows, she discreetly released her own mental power.

Suddenly, the pill that was going to be refined in Zang Lin’s pill furnace started to rampage within. His expression changed drastically into one of anxiety. He no longer cared about Mu Ru Yue as he tried to control his pill.

It was a pity but how could his mental power be compared to Mu Ru Yue’s own monstrous mental power?



The pill furnace before Zang Lin exploded into smithereen…

“No!” Zang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he yelled out with all his might.

He was done. He was completely finished…

At this moment, Zang Lin expressed despair. If he failed the exam, with the strictness of the Central Region Academy, he would be expelled. Otherwise, the examinees wouldn’t place so much importance on this exam…

Song Ran glanced at Zang Lin and chuckled saying, “Zang Lin, do you have a pill furnace?”

Zang Lin bit his lips as he shook his pale face.

“Elder Song, she is the…” Zang Lin pointed at Mu Ru Yue and continued with gritted teeth, “She was the one that disrupted my pill refinement, leading to the explosion of my furnace.”

“Is that so?” Song Ran’s brows rose as he continued with a fake smile, “Who saw it?”

Zang Lin shuddered slightly as he closed his eyes with despair.

What Song Ran said was right!

They had fought secretly so how could anyone have seen it? He didn’t expect that girl to have such tyrannical mental power. He had been terribly tricked by that bitch Zang Qing Xue!

Thinking about his the failure in refining the pill, Zang Lin hated Zang Qing Xue…

“You’re dismissed.” Song Ran waved his hand and said that impatiently.

As time passed, the exam had reached near the end. Yao Yun Qing became nervous as she looked unblinkingly at Mu Ru Yue.

When the last bit of the incense fell, everyone anticipated the outcome…

“The exam has ended.” Song Ran stood up smilingly as he continued, “Everyone is to bring your pills to me. I will personally judge them.”

After his words landed, everyone placed their pills before Song Ran in order.

Those that passed the exam had elated expression while those that had failed despaired. It was soon Mu Ru Yue’s turn. When Mu Ru Yue handed her pill, the crowd below the stage had a change in their feeling.

“She will definitely succeed!”

Yao Yun Qing took in a deep breath as she started at Mu Ru Yue.

A chuckle was heard from her side. “That might not happen.”

“What did you say?” Yao Yun Qing turned her head and looked furiously at Zang Qing Xue before raising her fist. “Do you believe that this missy will punch you if you say another word?”

“You…” Zang Qing Xue’s expression changed drastically. She knew that she wasn’t a match for Yao Yun Qing so she suppressed her anger. With a fake smile, she tossed out a statement, “We will be able to see if she passes during the following announcement. It is useless just to refine the pill. It must have be 60% filled with the fire element.”

“I believe in Little Yue Er.” Yao Yun Qing raised her jaw as she looked down at Zang Qing Xue.

A trace of contempt appeared discreetly in Zang Qing Xue’s eyes as she asked, “Why?”

“The reason is really simple.” Yao Yun Qing rolled her eyes at her and continued, “It is because we came from the same homeland of Hua Xia.”

‘Hua Xia?’

Zang Qing Xue frowned slightly. Was there such a place in the Sheng Domain? Why hadn’t she heard of it? It was probably some rural area. The young mistress of the Xiao family was said to have gone missing before. Could it be that rural area’s name?

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  1. whatever you do, don’t go spreading they came from a “rural place Hua Xia” cause who knows if there’s other people who went from there -I mean what if they all allied? aren’t you afraid? XD

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