EAA Chapter 333


Chapter 333 – Ye Wu Chen’s News Part 5

“Elder Song, please reconsider.” Mo Li’s expression changed drastically. He hastily went forth and bowed saying, “Elder Song, it is due to her inadequacy in pilling refining that led to the explosion of the furnace. It is her own mistake. How can we stop the exam just for her? How can the rest of the examinees be satisfied? Since she didn’t refine a pill, you just have to announce that she failed.”

Song Ran narrowed his gaze as he examined the mid-aged man before him.

Mo Li panicked slightly under his gaze. He immediately lowered his head and became anxious.

‘It can’t be that Elder Song discovered something right? But even if he knew something was wrong with Mu Ru Yue’s pill furnace, he wouldn’t be able to suspect me as I’ve already eliminated all the evidence.’


“Mo Li, you overstepped your status.” Song Ran looked calmly at him, but his voice contained suppressed fury.

Mo Li’s body shuddered as he tightened his fists and didn’t say further.

‘Why is Elder Song protecting that girl? Why?’

Glimmers danced in his eyes as unease filled his heart… If he still couldn’t see Elder Song’s favouritism on Mu Ru Yue, he wasn’t worth being hall master of the alchemy hall.

“Elder Song, what Mo Li said isn’t unreasonable. To pause the exam for a person is really…” Qiu Yu sighed and shook his head. No matter what, the exam was more important.

Just as Elder Song wanted to say something, a calm and collected voice was heard.

“You don’t need to.” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly as she continued indifferently, “I’ve brought my own pill furnace. You don’t need to pause this exam.”

Mo Li was stunned as he lowered his gaze to the examination stage.

Suddenly, an enormous pill furnace appear before the young girl. It emitted a red glow that shone throughout the examination stage and the phoenix on the walls of the furnace were so life-like.

“This… this is…” Song Ran stood up suddenly as he locked his gaze on the phoenix furnace. “This is the phoenix furnace. That’s right, it is the phoenix furnace that was depicted on the wall at the back mountain!”

Song Ran’s breath hastened. To alchemists, the phoenix furnace was priceless.

‘Wasn’t this phoenix furnace used by Senior Yue in the past? Why has it fallen into her hands…’

His gaze became excited as he thought about that.

The world knew that Senior Yue had previously possessed two divine instruments. One was the Heaven Dragon Flame Sword and the other was the phoenix furnace. When she passed, those two weapons disappeared simultaneously. It was beyond his expectation to be able to see a divine artifact of the phoenix furnace in his life.


A violent fire burned in the phoenix furnace. Under the flame, Mu Ru Yue used her mental power to envelop the medicinal ingredients within as she placed it within the pill furnace…

“She has a personal pill furnace!” Mo Li’s expression changed slightly as he would never have thought about that.

Moreover, that pill furnace looked extraordinary…

Glimmers danced in Mo Li’s eyes as greed appeared within.

He didn’t have the qualification to enter the back mountain so he naturally didn’t know that what Mu Ru Yue possessed was Senior Yue’s legendary divine instrument, the phoenix furnace…

Elder Song suppressed his excitement after looking at the incense that had already been burned for quite some time already. “There is still half of the time left. Everyone, do your best in refining your pills. Once the incense has been completely burned, your opportunity will also come to an end.”


Zang Lin withdrew his gaze as he looked coldly at Mu Ru Yue who was refining her pill.


His mental power surged forth and moved to suppress Mu Ru Yue without any warning.

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  1. Gonna make a guess that MRY will just take out her own furnace (phoenix furnace) so that no time is wasted waiting for another furnace and her pills will be better for it.

  2. Wow, Mo Li is a moron. What kind of Hall Master of an institution will go out of their way to sabotage a new student? Luckily Elder Song has eyes.

    And Zang Lin desperately wants to be expelled. What are all these morons so afraid of? They’re so confident Mu Ru Yue is trash so let her do her thing and “fail”. If she’s truly trash, why work so hard to slap their own faces?

  3. Friggin Zang Lin. Smh. Can someone who he looks up to come down there and give him a huge slap across his face? Make it so that you can hear his cheekbones crack and tears stream from his eyes at the impact. He needs discipline = n = ))…Thanks for the chapter!

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