EAA Chapter 332


Chapter 332 – Ye Wu Chen’s News Part 4

“Alright, the competition will start now. You will only be given the time needed to burn half an incense stick. Once the time is up, those that hadn’t refined their pill will also fail!”

Song Ran sat down and said this indifferently.


Mu Ru Yue suddenly waved her hand and a flame was shot toward the bottom of the pill furnace. Following that, a medicinal ingredient was held in her hand and she tossed it into the pill furnace after sweeping a trace of mental power on the medicinal ingredient.


Her heart calmed down gradually as she focused her sight on the pill furnace before her.

“Elder Song, is that the genius you were talking about? Qiu Yu frowned as the medicinal ingredients that she took out was plain and ordinary. Her ability was still unknown.

Song Ran was slightly uneasy as even if one had strong innate talent, it didn’t mean she possessed the same standard of skills. Perhaps her talent might be ruined from being outside of the Central Region.

Hence, he was still a bit obscure on Mu Ru Yue’s ability…

Mu Ru Yue released her mental power to cover the pill furnace. The medicinal ingredient liquified under the temperature of the flame. Following that, she added the next ingredient.

As minutes and seconds passed, the other examinee started to refine their pill. At that moment, a tense atmosphere covered the entire examination area.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded that made everyone looked in that direction…

The moment that the pill furnace shattered, the young girl’s expression was cold. Her brows was slightly creased with a trace of light that flickered in her cold eyes.

Ha!” Zang Lin sniggered as he looked with disdain at the young girl’s impeccable appearance. “Your furnace exploded in such a short time frame. You… are only at this standard.”

The crowd expressed mockery as they looked down on the white-robed young girl.

The disciples that participated in the exam were rather capable. The young girl’s standard was too terrible to make the pill furnace explode in such a short time. It was a wonder why hall master Mo Li allowed her to participate in the exam.

She was just here to humiliate herself!

If it were them, they probably didn’t have the face to stay.

“Little Yue Er!” Yao Yun Qing stood up abruptly as she glared furiously at Zang qing Xue who had a cynical expression before looking worriedly at Mu Ru Yue.

Zi Qian Jing kept quiet, but a trace of coldness passed his eyes as he swept a glance at Mo Li.

“It seems that some people are in need of a lesson.”

Zi Qian Jing smiled faintly. His languid smile was so captivating, but his eyes remained cold.

“Elder Qiu, did you see that?” Song Ran’s eyes turned grim. “Something went wrong with that little girl’s pill furnace. Someone had did something to it that led to its explosion.”

Qiu Yu didn’t say a thing, but nodded lightly. That person must have a lot of guts to do something before them.

After keeping silent for a while, Qiu Yu looked at Elder Song and asked, “What to do next?”

“What can we do?” Elder Song smiled bitterly as he continued, “The number of the pill furnaces correspond to the number of examinee so there aren’t any spares. If we were to retrieve one now, the time would be insufficient.”

His gaze turned sharp after saying that. ‘If I were to know who sabotaged the little girl, then…’

Song Ran kept mum for an instant before raising his head and said, “Everyone, there is some abnormality in a pill furnace this time. The exam will be stopped temporarily.  I will dispatch someone to retrieve a pill furnace before continuing the exam.”

The crowd instantly became clamorous after hearing that. It was due to being unsatisfied with Song Ran’s decision.

The refining of the pill had started. How could they stop now? If they were to stop, all of their hard work would be wasted. Was it worth it for just one person?

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