EAA Chapter 331


Chapter 331 – Ye Wu Chen’s News Part 3

“Alright, you’re dismissed.”

Elder Song waved his hand impatiently.

Mo Li hastily bowed and replied, “Understood.”

After saying his acknowledgements, Mo Li brimmed with curiosity as he turned around and headed out of the room. It wasn’t until he left their sight that Song Ran withdrew his gaze and chuckled.


“Old Man Qiu, the little girl Mo Li mentioned was the talent I was talking about. She really has boundless mental power. If you don’t believe, we will find out during that exam.”

Elder Song smiled confidently. It was a mystery why he had so much faith in that girl.

“So what if she is what you said? You also mentioned that the little girl came from outside the Central Region. How can there be outstanding alchemists in a place outside the Central Region? They are just a useless mob. Thus, even if that little girl’s innate talent isn’t bad, she still might not be able to pass the exam.”

Qiu Yu frowned slightly. Compared to what Elder Song had said, he still fell to his bias that this old fellow had made a mistake.

‘Boundless mental power? How can that be?’

Only Senior Yue from a thousand years ago possessed tyrannical mental power. Hence, it would be impossible for that girl to have that much mental power unless she was the reincarnation of Senior Yue.

But was that possible?

Qiu Yu shook his head while smiling. Senior Yue was a legend to them and none would be able to succeed her.

Three days passed quickly. It was soon the day of the exam.

Several people showed up earlier and sat at the spectator’s seats, looking at the pill refining furnaces at the center of the exam area.

“Little Yue Er, go for it!”

Yao Yun Qing stood up from her seat and waved her hands toward Mu Ru Yue who was within the examination area to cheer for her. Her delicate and pretty face was flushed red from excitement.

In the exam area, a white-robed young girl’s hair fluttered without the aid of the wind. Her lean body gave off an extended shadow beneath the sunlight.

Yao Yun Qing’s gaze was slightly dazzled. The current Mu Ru Yue had a peerless appearance that captivated the crowd.

When Zang Qing Xue looked at the peerless young girl on the stage, her nails pierced into her palm. Jealousy flashed in her eyes.

I must definitely have that woman make a fool out of herself before the crowd this time!’

Zang Qing Xue shifted her gaze to the navy-blue clad figure after whispering that to herself. With a smirk, she muttered, “Zang Lin already indicated to me that no matter what she wouldn’t be able to refine pills.”

How could Zang Lin not obey her instructions as the sister of the Zang family’s young master?

‘Mu Ru Yue, you shouldn’t have agreed to the hall master’s request. How can I give up on such a good opportunity?’

Zang Qing Xue’s heart seemed to have been struck heavily by a needle as she thought about the humiliation of being stepped on by Zi Qian Jing that day. It was so painful that she had to take in a breath.

If it wasn’t for that woman, how could that youth have treated her in such a fashion?

Zang Lin nodded to Zang Qing Xue before walking past Mu Ru Yue’s side discreetly, a trace of maliciousness in his eyes.

Cough! Cough!” Song Ran and Qiu Yu walked onto the stage with the crowd’s gazes on them. Song Ran cleared his throat before scrutinizing the crowd. His gaze paused on Mu Ru Yue for a bit before he continued, “Everyone, it is the exam day once more. I am sure that everyone is well prepared for it. I won’t talk about any more nonsense. You are to refine a fire element pill this time. There is no grade restriction on the pill, but your pills must be 60% filled with fire element.”

Generally, pills were assembled using the elements in its surroundings so a single element pill would be exceptionally difficult. The crowd looked at each other with grim expressions…

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