EAA Chapter 307


Chapter 307- Inheritance Part 6

The voice paused for a moment before it began to self-ridicule itself. “To think that I, Xiao Yun, a previous talent, fell to such an extent. The Central Region is a place that reveres experts so the competition between powers is intense. I will pass on all of the knowledge of my life to you in order to allow you to speed up the rate of your cultivation. With this precious experience, it will help save you time from having to make several detours in your cultivation. You won’t meet with any bottlenecks before reaching the Xiantian Full Circle realm. Yet, I hope you will be able to master my famous move before that, the ‘Three Critical Strikes of the Raging Inferno Flames’!”

Once his words finished, images appeared before Mu Ru Yue again.

A handsome youth appeared in the image. His facial appearance looked similar to Xiao Tian Yu’s. He wore a long red robe and held a flaming sword in his hand.

Mu Ru Yue could feel that Xiao Yun was full of spirit during those years shown in the images. Who knew fate played with such people and that he would reach such an outcome…


“Three Critical Strikes of the Raging Inferno Flames is where the power of the strike increases with each attack. At the same time, the energy consumed will also increase. You should try and comprehend it now. You must learn the Three Critical Strikes of the Raging Inferno Flames within three days. If you can master the three critical strikes, it won’t be hard for you to fight people that are of a higher cultivation than you are.”

Mu Ru Yue’s brow was raised. The old ancestor’s inheritance was really like receiving coals during a snowstorm. If she had learned the Three Critical Strikes of the Raging Inferno Flames before, perhaps it would have been much easier to defeat Nangong Zi Feng.

While she had previously used the Heaven Dragon Flame Sword technique, her power was far from sufficient to use it properly.

A female corpse lay in the wilderness atop a mountain. A group of jackals, wolves, tigers, and panthers were currently sharing her body. An arm had already been eaten.

They, however, didn’t notice that a transparent person stood beside the corpse, watching coldly as the beasts had their share of it. No expression adorned on her cold face.

If an expert were here, they would be shocked as the girl standing to the side had an appearance identical to that of the corpse…

“Mu Ru Yue, it seems you haven’t yet recovered your memory. It was just a coincidence that you can use the Heaven Dragon Flame Sword technique.” The girl chuckled coldly. A trace of malevolence flashed past her eyes. “I’ve won this bet…”

This was the so-called rebirth after death.

She abandoned her body, but still retained her soul…

Technically, a Xiantian expert wouldn’t be able to retain their soul, but there were always some exceptions in the world. For example, the ancestor of the Feng family was able to stay in the world with the help of treasures. On the other hand, Nangong Zi Feng’s power during her previous life was strong, and her current body was just a temporary vessel. The physical body being destroyed didn’t affect her soul.

Once she found a suitable body, she would be able to revive. She was only able to survive using this loophole as Mu Ru Yue’s memories hadn’t yet returned…

“It is a pity I wasted so much time cultivating.” The girl shook her head and lamented slightly. “I must seek a much stronger body this time. Furthermore, I won’t appear before her before gaining sufficient power.”

She remembered her lesson this time. If she hadn’t been so anxious, she wouldn’t have reached such an outcome.

Hence, she must make sufficient preparations before dealing with that woman the next time they encountered one another…

“Since I possessed a body before, I must find a suitable body within two months time. Otherwise, I will disappear from this world. I must not die before I obtain elder brother Wu Chen! Perhaps the Central Region with its numerous talents and countless experts will be the best choice in seeking a new body. Only with a superior power will I then be able to snatch elder brother Wu Chen back.”

The girl sniggered. A trace of ruthlessness flickered in her beautiful eyes. She didn’t even glance at her corpse before floating gently away…

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