EAA Chapter 305


Chapter 305 – Inheritance Part 4

The elder sat crossed legged inside the inheritance room. His white hair fluttered slightly in the wind. He suddenly opened his eyes and a flash of light shone past his pupils as he looked at the arriving young girl.

“You’ve come?”

The voice of the elder was light and contained a light sigh.

“Yes, I have come.” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze toward the elder as she continued, “Elder Xiao, since I’ve broken through to Xiantian, I am here to accept the inheritance…”


“There isn’t a need to rush.” Elder Xiao chuckled and continued, “I want to tell you about the Xiao family’s history before you accept the inheritance. The people on this Martial God Continent only know that the Xiao family came from Sheng Domain, but they don’t know its authentic history.”

‘The Xiao family’s authentic history?’

Mu Ru Yue was startled and she looked curiously at Elder Xiao.

Elder Xiao sighed and looked as though he were reminiscing through his memories as he narrated, “The old ancestor didn’t originate from the Martial God Continent, but from the Central Region. The deceased old ancestor had been a genius talent in the Central Region. He reached the Xiantian Full Circle Realm when he was still very young and was awe-inspiring.

“Yet, talent always attracts jealousy. The old ancestor was ambushed at that time, resulting in him being unable to improve his strength. More importantly, his life energy was slipping away. All in all, a young Xiantian Full Circle expert would have been nurtured with all their might in the Xiao family, but a Xiantian Full Circle expert that lost the chance to improve his strength was useless to them.”

A talent would always make the surrounding people jealous, which then led to the fall of that talent. Even if his ability didn’t weaken, it still meant he was useless to the Xiao family…

“The old ancestor was unable to advance in his cultivation and had a hard time in the Xiao family. Furthermore, the Xiao family had a rule that all martial practitioners from the Xiantian realm and below must make a breakthrough within twenty years. The old ancestor was unable to make any improvement in those twenty year so he was cast out of the Xiao family. His heart had already turned cold to that place anyway and he didn’t want to continue staying in the Central Region, so he came to the Martial God Continent and established another Xiao family. I was previously taken care of by the old ancestor so I left the Xiao family with him.”

Thinking about the old ancestor’s harsh life, Elder Xiao gradually closed his eyes.

That place would always be a sore spot to the old ancestor…

“Eldest young mistress, the Central Region is exceptionally complicated. The Xiantian experts of the Martial God Continent will only be positioned as below average in that place. There are people there that are stronger than the Xiantian realm. It is truly a place that gives birth to experts. With the peerless innate talent of the old ancestor, he would have originally had a smoothly flowing life, but he lost his talent at a young age. Moreover, he also couldn’t stop his life energy from draining away, thus leading to his death.”

The Xiao family had invited alchemists to save the old ancestor after what happened that year. Nonetheless, not a single alchemists could treat the old ancestor’s wound. The Xiao family gradually gave up hope for him…

“The Central Region’s Xiao family?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows were raised as she muttered gently.

Elder Xiao smiled faintly and continued, “Eldest young mistress, the old ancestor had a wish before he passed. He wanted a talent beyond his to appear in the later generation. I have waited so many years and until you finally appeared. If you want to accept the old ancestor’s inheritance, you must accomplish a task for him. If you have the chance in the future, you are to head to the Xiao family to let those people with eyes as blind as a bat see that another peerless, astonishing talent had appeared once more in the later generation of the old ancestor.”

There was a natural underground spirit vein in the Central Region so experts could be born more easily. It wasn’t abnormal for someone to reach the Xiantian realm at the age of seventeen. However, the Martial God Continent didn’t have such a favourable environment for cultivation. If a person at such a tender age were able to reach the Xiantian in this trashy environment, what else could she be other than a talent?

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