EAA Chapter 295


Chapter 295 –Mu Ru Yue’s Return Part 1

“Elder Xiao!”

Old Man Xiao’s heart rose as an unprecedented sense of fear permeated him. Such terror made him shudder, which became evident in his eyes.

Cough! Cough!

Elder Xiao coughed blood twice, staining his grey robes red. Yet, as though he didn’t notice such a thing. He just raised his pale, elderly face and looked at Nangong Zi Feng.  From beginning to end, he remained standing in front of the crowd.


“This old man has already said it, even if I were to die, I would die first before any member of the Xiao family. You will have to step over my corpse if you want to hurt them!”

He clenched his fists tightly as he slowly stood up…

The wind blew, and his body swayed as though he would float away with the wind at any time. Yet, his feet were still abnormally firm. It was like no matter what kind of attack landed on him, he wouldn’t move a single step from his position in front of the crowd…

Elder Xiao raised his head. With resolution in his eyes and mind set on death, he said, “Nangong Zi Feng, coming to my Xiao family is your biggest mistake. Because of this, you shall accompany this old man to the yellow river. Hahaha!


A transparent protective barrier rose from within the Xiao family’s courtyard. It seemed to be able to protect all members of the Xiao family within.

“Elder Xiao, what are you doing?!” Old Man Xiao shouted in anxiety. Fist coated with green flame, he threw a punch at the barrier, but the barrier shot a ray of light toward him, sending him flying backwards.


Old Man Xiao fell to the ground. He could only stare with despair at the grey clad figure standing calmly in the wind.

“This is the final trump card of the Xiao family. It can withstand the power of a Mid Rank Xiantian’s self destruction. This old man’s life is ending and has been about to step into a coffin since long ago. Moreover, to pull another Xiantian expert along with me would make my existence in this world a worthy cause.”

Elder Xiao’s smile was resolute and satisfied, and there was undeniable determination in his eyes.

In that moment, the members of the Xiao family revealed sorrowful expressions. Old Man Xiao continued shouting in fury behind the barrier.

The anguish he felt nearly drove him insane. His punches landed unceasingly on the protective barrier…


From Elder Xiao’s body, a tyrannical force like lightning burst forth, striking Nangong Zi Feng, whose expression changed drastically after feeling the immense power.A trace of panic appeared in her pretty eyes.

“This damnable old man really doesn’t want to live anymore!”

Even if one were to survive the self destruction of a Mid Rank Xiantian expert, at least half of one’s life would be gone. If she were to be half alive while still inside the Xiao family, Old Man Xiao, with those burning flames of fury in his eyes, would definitely end her life in a single blow.

Elder Xiao smiled faintly as he slowly closed his eyes…

In his final moment, what he remembered the most were the days he followed the old ancestor of the Xiao family, warring in all directions with the Xiao family’s old ancestor. Even though those were tremendously dangerous times, those days still the most precious memories in his life.

Now, having finally accomplished the task given by the old ancestor, he could follow him again in the underworld. Only the heavens knew how long he had waited for this day.

He didn’t have any regrets in dying for the Xiao family!

Elder Xiao abruptly opened his eyes. His body expanded rapidly like an inflating balloon. He laughed brazenly under the fearful gaze of Nangong Zi Feng and the sorrowful gazes of the members of the Xiao family.

Haha! I, Elder Xiao, have lived a vibrant life. I no longer have any regrets. Head of the family, I hope you will bury my ashes together with the old ancestor after I die. I want to continue battling alongside the old ancestor even after going to the underworld!”

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  1. I had my final presentation of the semester today~ I think we did well~ though there was hiccups here and there. The good thing was the demonstrator did say we did good ^_^ Kuu~

    1. You have cough or just making your existence present? 😛 Miki has a mild cough~ hehe~ luckily it didn’t ruin my voice or make me break when I presented XD It was a rather rushed presentation as we had to go through a lot in quite a tight timing~

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