EAA Chapter 285


Chapter 285 – A Battle Between Two Xiantian Experts Part 3

Even as he neared Mu Ru Yue, he knew it was already too late. He could only watch as the green tornado enveloped the young girl’s body…

Despair engulfed his heart as all-encompassing fury erupted in his chest. He really wanted to destroy heaven and earth at this moment, but deep remorse overwhelmed that feeling…

If… if he hadn’t sealed her powers, perhaps she would have already left this place. Moreover, if he hadn’t believed Feng Xiang’s words, then she wouldn’t have faced such danger.

All in all, this was entirely his fault!


Other than his mother who that had passed away, this woman was the only person he had ever accepted in his heart. She was the only one he had wanted to protect  his entire life. Yet, the one who had harmed her the most was him!


Feng Jing Tian cried out in a heart-wrenching manner.

His voice was like a thorn, piercing the hearts of the crowd…

This heart-wrenching cry of the eldest young master was reminiscent of his cry  when he had been held down by everyone as the main wife had been burned to death. It penetrated their hearts, making them ache as they felt his emotions.

“About ten years ago, I failed to protect mother, and now, I also couldn’t protect my beloved.” Feng Jing Tian stood up. His enchanter-like face was filled with sorrow and mockery. “It seems I’m a trash! Since this is the case, I should follow her to hell to repent for everything I have done.”

‘I am a trash that can only watch on as everyone I want to protect perishes before me…’

He raised his head to look at the tornado before him and walked toward it slowly. Feng Xiang was alarmed. Just as he was about to stop him, Feng Xiang saw traces of a red light flashing through the condensed green tornado toward him.

Feng Xiang wasn’t able to react before his body was sent flying.


He crashed into a tree.

The crowd was stunned as they looked in astonishment at the sight before them…

As the tornado was slowly dispersed by the wind, a blood-stained white dress gradually appeared before the crowd’s sight. Even though the young girl’s clothes were currently tattered and no longer had its previous brilliance, her aura was still captivating.


The young girl violently coughed out a mouthful of blood before her body swayed a couple of times and fell forward.


Feng Jing Tian didn’t have the time to rejoice when he saw the young girl’s falling body. A trace of anxiousness flashed across his enchantingly handsome face. With the flash of his red figure, he easily caught her in his embrace.

Currently, Mu Ru Yue’s expression was feeble. Her pale face made Feng Jing Tian’s heart clench tightly. It was so painful that it was unbearable. He could only apologize profusely. “I’m so sorry, woman. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have sealed your powers and forced you to stay here. More importantly, I shouldn’t have trusted Feng Xiang’s words so easily and left this place while knowing of his displeasure toward you. You can beat, scold, and kill me. It is entirely my fault!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply as she closed her eyes in exhaustion. Her pale face was so feeble it made people’s hearts ache for her.

She had used up most of her body’s strength to withstand the attacks from Lan Xin and her group. Following that, she had fought a battle right after breaking through. She was already way over her body’s limit…

If it hadn’t been for the gold-plated soft armour that Wu Chen had given her, she might not have been able to climb to her feet after Feng Xiang’s attack.

Cough! Cough!” Feng Xiang coughed twice before climbing to his feet. Blood spurted  from his chest, completely staining his clothes red.

It was obvious that he was severely wounded from Mu Ru Yue’s final counterattack.

When Feng Xiang saw his son being so protective toward Mu Ru Yue, he instantly yelled with overflowing rage, “Jing Tian, you are my son. I order you to kill that woman now!”

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  1. Good job derp, all you ever did was put Mu Ru Yue in danger. (Un)lucky for you, she can handle herself without your interference.

  2. Thanks for the teaser!!
    Haha you finally regretted the fact that you had sealed her powers, but too bad there’s no medicine for regret in this world. You can only await the doom of your Feng family as u watch her reunite with WC.

  3. what hapened with Mki that didn´t apear this time around perpas in the teaser 286 Muru yue is gone and Miki is the prtagonist?????? jijijijji

  4. For some reason I would like to see that feng kid for making up for his mistake become a blood bound servant of MRY for life. Anyone else?

  5. god… only now did he realize it was all his fault? He should have realized the VERY MOMENT he took Mu Ru Yue, greedy f*cking bastard

  6. He most definitely is in the wrong, but I did like the fact that he could admit it – even if it was WAAAAY too late. Most of the fools in this story blame everyone else for their own stupidity. So I will give him a half a point for that. I don’t want him to die, but I don’t know what role he can have after all the crap he’s done.

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