EAA Chapter 266


Chapter 266– Crisis Arise Part 6



The man didn’t kill Nangong Zi Feng immediately, but tortured her with blow after blow landing on her body. It was as though he wanted to vent his anger on her.

‘This girl made a move on Mu Er!’


Regret, self-blame, sorrow, and despair filled the man’s heart. He was too careless for not noticing Mu Er’s departure. Otherwise, Mu Er wouldn’t have been in danger.

‘Everything was his fault!’

“Nangong Zi Feng, you ought to die! Even if your corpse were to be cut into countless pieces, you still wouldn’t be comparable to a single hair of Mu Er’s. Did you think I will remember you even if it was through eternal hatred? You are too stupid. You only make Ben Wang unable to be at peace forever!”


Nangong Zi Feng felt bone shattering pain.

But her physical body’s pain was incomparable to the pain of her heart. This man had really hurt her too deeply, but even so, she was still unable to hate him.


The immense pain made her take in a breath, but she couldn’t do anything other than receive the blows that were covered with a layer of black light. A trace of blood trickled from the corner of her lips and her delicate body shuddered. Limitless sorrow and a thick layer of despair was expressed on her exceptional face.

‘No! I can’t die here!’

Nangong Zi Feng’s heart was shrieking.

She knew that if she were to die, Ye Wu Chen would turn memories of her into ashes and have her disappear from the world, making himself unable to remember her. How could she be willing to have the man she was in love with forget her completely?

That pain would be unbearable…

“Bloodmist Technique? You want to use the same method to escape again? It is a pity that I won’t allow the same mistake to occur twice!” Ye Wu Chen’s purple eyes were increasingly cold and sinister. With a wave of his palm, he stopped Nangong Zi Feng from executing her secret technique.

If it wasn’t for this woman escaping previously, Mu Er wouldn’t be in danger.

Anyone that touched a single hair of Mu Er’s would definitely pay for it with manifold suffering!

Despair was evident on Nangong Zi Feng’s face. If she knew Ye Wu Chen would arrive so quickly, she definitely wouldn’t have done such a risky thing today.

It was a pity no medicine existed that could treat regret in this world…

Suddenly, a sharp ray of light shot over from one side. Ye Wu Chen’s gaze chilled as he raised his hand to block that light. Taking that opportunity, Nangong Zi Feng escaped from his hands and bit her tongue viciously to form a bloodmist.

When the night wind blew and the bloodmist scattered, the girl had already disappeared from the South Mountain…

Anger surged in Ye Wu Chen’s eyes. He lifted his gaze to the figure which turned to run. All of his domineering aura burst forth. The Devil’s Snare pattern that covered half of his face made him look as though he had just come out from hell. He looked sinisterly charming and mysterious…

“Sect leader of the Saintess Sect!”

This man had gone missing for such a long time and the members of Ghost Manor were unable to locate him. So, he had worked together with Nangong Zi Feng. Now, it was no longer a wonder why Nangong Zi Feng knew his situation so well.

He was the one behind Nangong Zi Feng’s back!


The sect leader was alarmed and turned pale. He had experienced Ye Wu Chen’s power before. He wasn’t a match for this man, so he wanted to escape after saving Nangong Zi Feng.

However, he didn’t have the Bloodmist Technique Nangong Zi Feng possessed…

Purple robes soared through the sky and landed behind the sect leader. Ye Wu Chen mercilessly gripped the other’s shoulder, and traces of sinister aura burst forth.


A palm struck on the sect leader’s shoulder with Ye Wu Chen’s free hand.




The man didn’t kill Nangong Zi Feng, but tortured her with blow after blow landing on the pale girl. It was as though he wanted to relieve his anger on her.

‘This girl made a move on Mu Er!’

Regret, self-blame, sorrow, and despair filled the man’s heart. He was too careless for not noticing Mu Er’s departure. Otherwise, Mu Er wouldn’t have been in danger.

One of my first few sketches xD The female lead (Medaka Kurokami) of Medaka Box~

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      1. That was a picture with a smiley who say good job. I was thinking that the picture will appear in the message but just the link appear instead. truly not lucky.

  1. “Regret, self-blame, sorrow, and despair filled the man’s heart. He was too careless for not noticing Mu Er’s departure. Otherwise, Mu Er wouldn’t have been in danger.”

    Yeah, it was your fault for not killing and frying her soul the first time. And you’re about to make the same mistake by not killing and frying her this time too.

  2. omg i had guessed that it was madaka but wasn’t certain until i saw what u wrote!!!!!! Anyway thanks for the teaser, really hopes that that bi*ch would die already saving the time for MRY to be found!!! 🙂

  3. I still remember the ending in the Medaka Box manga where she went to the moon for one last fight then a few moments later, the moon disappear….

  4. Omg Miki it’s medaka-Chan ?????? I just love her~ definitely one of awesome female leads ever. And when she’ll suddenly go “dashing” waaaah~ anyways THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHAPTER AND TEASER!! I hope this time that. Nangong girl is killed…well I’m having doubts but really can’t she just die ?

    1. She will eventually xD There must be a long lasting villain in the story~ 😛 Like Sakura in Naruto at the beginning (So useless and irritating)

      1. True. Sakura’ been annoying at first when the sasori fight happened i was like oh some changes and then boy I was wrong? But I guess she was pretty cool during the Sarada part. And I just hate how Nangong Zi Feng thinks so I can’t help but want her dead lol???

  5. Too much love will kill you~
    Nangong girl is so irritating! Well I guess, good job author?
    Miki you’re really good at sketches!
    Thanks for the translation and teaser 😀
    You’re awesome as always ^^.

  6. Why, oh, why is she possessed of such luck right when we were going to get one of our fondest wishes to come true!?!?!? Then again, without the current villainess, where would be the tension, eh?

    Grrr…still wished he’d finished the job! lol! I’m so bloodthirsty today!

  7. ” Hey I’m not YWC’s match but I should save that b*tch he hates who’s gonna leave without me and let me suffer the pain of my stupidity ” That’s a sect leader people, it’s a miracle how he got there with this brain, well when author try so save his annoying villain everything go I guess…

  8. That Zi Feng is like a cockroach. Disgusting, hard to kill and compared itself to a butterfly but actually a pest itself. Hmpft! I really do wish that she’ll be killed sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for the chap ?

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