EAA Chapter 23


Chapter 23- Love Is Selfishness

Did Mu Ting Er really want to help Mu Ru Yue?


When Mu Yi Xue was about to brandish her hand at Mu Ru Yue, she saw that two people had come from outside. These two were her lover Ye Tian Feng and an elder with an immortal bone.

Seeing Ye Tian Feng’s respectful appearance, she had already guessed that elder’s identity.


“Elder sister Ting Er!” Mu Yi Xue had tears in her eyes from feeling wronged. “Elder sister Ting Er, you actually scolded me for that trash and threatened me? What’s so good about that trash? No matter how well you’ve treated her, she didn’t show you any respect, and just kept scolding you saying that you’re just an adopted daughter and aren’t compatible with the Mu family.”

“Xue Er, no matter what, we are a family; a family should be harmonious. You should raise your hands against outsiders instead.” Mu Ting Er knitted her brows, obviously unhappy with what Mu Yi Xue had said. “Moreover, what she says is correct. I’m just an adopted daughter that doesn’t have the bloodline of the Mu family.”

Mu Ru Yue had just crossed her arms, watching the good show since the start of the exchange.

Mu Ting Er really knew how to act, so it satisfied her mood as she watched the show. But….

Mu Ru Yue’s eyes slightly narrowed. She had ignored their countless provocations since she hadn’t cared about them. But even if she didn’t care, it didn’t mean she would tolerate it.

“I think you have thought wrongly on a matter. For a man like Ye Tian Feng, even if he was sent before me, I won’t even give him a glance. Moreover, father also heard what I said in the throne room. It wasn’t the Royal family that withdrew the marriage. It was I, Mu Ru Yue, that didn’t want to marry a man that is filled with germs.

“So Mu Ting Er, congratulations! You have picked up rubbish that I didn’t want. I heard in the manor, there are two beautiful concubines and that it might even increase. By that time, you will be filled with germs. Oh! That’s right, I also don’t know if Ye Tian Feng has a habit of having two girls attend to him at once. I am really anticipating your expression when you see your husband rolling in bed with two other girls.”


Mu Ting Er’s expression turned deathly white as her delicate body swayed. It was as though she was a sail caught in the wind.

She loved Ye Tian Feng with all her heart, so when she thought of her beloved man doing those kinds of things with other girls, she felt an intense pain inside. It made her want to die immediately. 1

If she were to see those kinds of scene in the future, she really didn’t know if she would have the courage to live on.

Mu Qing’s expression changed drastically, and he wanted to flare up. Before he could open his mouth, a holler was heard behind Mu Ru Yue, expressing unsuppressed fury.

“Mu Ru Yue, what are you saying?!”

As Ye Tian Feng said that, he already embraced Mu Ting Er’s delicate body. With deep feelings in his eyes, he asked, “Ting Er, don’t listen to her gibble. How can I have that kind of habit?”

“Your Highness.” Mu Ting Er tightly held onto Ye Tian Feng’s hand. With tears in her eyes, she asked, “Will you let other girls enter the manor in the future and do those kinds of activities with them? Will they be pregnant with your child?”

Ye Tian Feng was stunned. He pursed his lips, at a loss of what to say to her.

Gradually, the hope in Mu Ting Er’s eyes dimmed as tears slowly flowed down her lovable face.

He always said that he loved me, but when loving me, he still lay with other girls. Is this what love is? Love should be more selfish. I don’t want to share my beloved man willingly.’

The notion of him enjoying himself with other girls made her feel a pain that caused her to want to die. It was like countless blades were piercing her body.

“Ting Er, don’t worry. I’ll definitely treat you well for the rest of our lives.” Ye Tian Feng tightly embraced the lovable body as he said with an aching heart, “You will be the most beloved woman in my life.”

Just treat her well for the rest of her life?’ But what she wanted was to be his only woman.

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  2. I would be infinitely impressed with this series if she made up with the mc, and even if they don’t become friends, at least stop being enemies. But I doubt I can expect that level of maturity out of the characters and a xianxia author.

    1. Keep in mind the girls are 13 and 14 respectively. The MC might have the mind of a much older woman, but it appears to be a rather sheltered and “socially oblivious” personality. Don’t expect maturity until older. (Also, how did a small child get their hands on poison to poison another child in secret?) I expect an adult hand in this as well.

  3. She actually expected him to be faithful to her!? LOL
    Could Ting Er be more naive?! (~_~)
    She knew about his concubines, now that they are free to get married, she want to be the only one..(^_^) LOL
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      1. ting er and the prince were in love and the old mu ru yue was in the way to get together. kind of the villain role. just that the way they went about it was reaaaaaaally bad.
        i think the hate ting er has for ru yue i a separate thing from the love affair from the prince. i hope there is some more information about this, because a 4 years old poisoning someone doesn’t make sense to me. how did she even get that poison? if there are not some things going on behind the scenes that seems loke a ploto hole.

          1. Yeah, there is. It’s called reading them over and thinking about them, before you click ‘post’. Proofreading, in other words.

  5. At least there’s someone decent enough to only want to share their man to themselves instead of having the one they love ending up with more than one concubine…

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    Aherm…anyhows, MTF might have something wrong in her head for not thinking that far. Let me correct myself…there IS something wrong with her head since long ago. For a 4 year old to scheme in such an early age isnt really normal. And for her to not think about having to share the CP with the other concubines, can I say that she is blinded by her…love? Selfishness? Sense of superiority? In the long run, she will shed her skin and reveal her snakey self. *smiles* I look forward to how she will shame herself. I’m normally very nice but these kinds of villains deserve to suffer in their own game. Ho Ho Ho!

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    Her idiocy is tilting me so hard right now xD

    1. Correction: Miki had read the entire novel once so Miki sort of know what’s going on/ going to happen. Miki can’t remember all in details due to studies that erase some memories of what happened to replace them for space and time that I used to read other novels. I’m eager to post and see the comments that will come instead 🙂 But can’t toss out chaps too fast as I need time to process the chapters to its highest quality that I can get <3 Well I'm only human~ I still make mistakes at times, but try to minimize those mistakes ^^ Teh~ Heh~

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  12. See! This is why you can’t have a Harem and a Romance tag. How can you have Romance with a Scummy character. Yet when it’s the MC everyone jumps on the self insert train. Sorry for the short rant and thanks for the chapter.

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