EAA Chapter 226


Chapter 226 – He Is My Man Part 5

“Mu Er, quickly leave!”

The anxious voice of the man sounded beside her…

Mu Ru Yue turned back and saw a sight she could never forget.

Black lines slowly protruded from the Devil’s Snare pattern and replaced the charming purple colour. His purple robes fluttered as if there was wind around it.



Countless black flames emerged from the man’s body and burst outward with the man as its center. He seemed to be in great pain. There was a horrifying expression on his charming face.

The forest that came into contact with the flame became a barren land. That black burnt ground was really shocking.

Feeling that power, Mu Ru Yue was slightly apprehensive. If Ye Wu Chen hadn’t pushed her away to roll down the hill, then perhaps the outcome would’ve be unimaginable…

Ye Wu Chen now seemed to have calmed down. The sweat on his forehead dripped down his face. While he was panting profusely, a pair of arms hugged him.

Mu Ru Yue hugged the man’s body tightly. She lowered her gaze and looked at him with distinct heartache.

No matter if it were the foolish him or the current him, he always made people’s heart ache for him…

Even though it had only been for an instant, Mu Ru Yue could feel his pain. Who said strong powers was a good thing? This power only brought endless pain to Ye Wu Chen.

“You… you saw what happened just now?”

Ye Wu Chen chuckled bitterly. Even he himself felt that he had been terrifying at that moment.

“Wu Chen, no matter what happens, I will always be by your side.”

Even if the heavens and earth was destroyed, this wouldn’t change.

Ye Wu Chen’s heart trembled and a charming smile appeared on his face. Perhaps it had been destined that he would find her in his life and fall in love with her in a short amount of time…

Why did such fortune land on him?

“Wu Chen, trust me, I will be able to manufacture the Purple Gold Pill soon. Once you consume that pill, that power won’t burst out again without warning.”

After the large event by the Medicine Sect ended, she must increase her skill and reach the Earth Stage Peak Rank.

Mu Ru Yue’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, with determination on her exquisite face…

The large event hosted by the Medicine Sect would, of course, be in the Medicine Sect.

If anyone wanted to go to the Medicine Sect to participate in their large event, they must first head to Nan Luo City. The Medicine Sect had dispatched protectors to Nan Luo City in order to bring those alchemists, no matter what their rank is. So long as they had a crest distributed by the Pill Pavilion, they would be able participate.

But in Mu Ru Yue’s hand was still only the Human Stage Mid Rank crest that Wu Yu had previously given her.

Thus, once Mu Ru Yue took out her crest, it had provoked laughter from the hall. The lowest rank that had previously come to this event was a Human Stage Peak Rank. She was the first to head there with a rank lower than even that.

With that kind of ability, she actually wanted to participate in the Medicine Sect’s large event?

A puny Human Stage Mid Rank person didn’t know her ability well enough. Look at the other low ranked alchemists; was there anyone like her that had the face to participate in this large event hosted by the Medicine Sect?

Did she really think that just anyone could  participate in the event by the Medicine Sect’s event?

Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at the protector before her and asked calmly, “Is there a problem?”

The protector sniggered and smiled cynically. He initially wanted to tell this young girl that the lowest rank that previously came to the large event by the Medicine Sect was a Human Stage Peak Rank alchemist. But then he remembered the Medicine Sect Head’s words. “No matter what rank the participant was, as long as the person had a crest, they were allowed to participate.” Hence, he could only swallow his words bitterly.

“Go in and wait. We will head to the Medicine Sect soon!”

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  1. Oooh oO I think he is gonna change personality or something like that. But I have to bow down to you Miki, Mistress of Mystery of the land of the cliffs. This cliffhanger is the deepest I have ever seen. An important question, is a cliff high or deep? Thank you Miki for all the work you put into the translation das after day. <3

  2. its funny how most beauties have people worshipping the ground they walk on, but when ur the mc its much different ?

  3. Really she didn’t get a new badge after winning the tournament. The author likes making useless story conflict and transition characters spouting crap at the MC.

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