EAA Chapter 222


Chapter 222 – He Is My Man Part 1

The night wind blew and the trees swayed with it.

Within Sheng Domain’s most complex and mysterious Magical Beast Mountain Range, sharp howls echoed to the horizon. Everyone’s heart skipped a beat when they looked at the unbelievable sight before them…

The young girl’s white clothes was enshrouded in the gentle yellow light of the setting sun. Her hair fluttered in the breeze and her expression was cold, void of emotions.

At the sight of her, they had forgotten to move.


It was as though they were looking at the descent of a goddess…

Standing before her, the previously vicious Silver Wolf King had a gaping hole in its neck. Blood flowed from the wound and stained its silver fur red. The corpse of the Silver Wolf King was a stark sight under the light of the sunset.

Everyone swallowed their saliva.

At this moment, they still didn’t know how she’d attacked.  All they’d seen was a flash of silver light, heard the sharp cry of the Silver Wolf King, before their eyes landed on the beautiful and charming figure of the young girl.

She was so fast!

So fast they couldn’t understand how she attacked.

She instantly killed a Ninth Stage Silver Wolf King?

False Xiantian!

Everyone instantly sucked in a cold breath. This young girl was a False Xiantian! It was laughable how they had initially thought she would hold back the team.

As it turned out, it would be them that held her back…

Ji Shui Rou bit her pale lips hard. She had initially been worried for this young girl who didn’t seem to know the immensity of the heavens and earth. But after seeing her strength, that layer of worry vanished completely.

She raised her gaze to look at Qin Yi in front of her…

Currently, there wasn’t any indecency in Qin Yi’s eyes. Not to mention the admiration, the reverence and longing was evident in his eyes as he gazed at Mu Ru Yue…

“Uncle Zhang, since the Silver Wolf King has been killed, let’s quickly finish off the remaining silver wolves.” Qin Yi withdrew his gaze and looked toward Uncle Zhang.

“Alright, let’s quickly fight to end this.” Uncle Zhang nodded.

At the beginning, they hadn’t dared to use all of their strength to fight the wolves due to the Silver Wolf King eyeing them covetously. Now, the Silver Wolf King had been dealt with. The group was no longer constrained and used all of their strength to fight the silver wolves before them.

When the silver wolves saw that their king had died, they no longer found these humans’ flesh so appetizing. They no longer intended to continue fighting and just wanted to run away. As for Qin Yi and the rest, they decided against slaughtering the fleeing silver wolves.

Sunset colored the entire sky as it gradually dimmed. Everyone was incredibly exhausted after such a battle, especially Ji Shui Rou. Her body was frail to begin with. In addition, due to her fright from those silver wolves, she had fainted once the battle was over…

“Rou Er!” Qin Yi was alarmed. He moved in a flash to Ji Shui Rou’s side and caught her falling delicate body. With a slight knit of his brows, he instructed, “Uncle Zhang, since it has already gotten this late, why don’t we rest here?”

After saying that, he turned his head to look toward Mu Ru Yue. “Lady Mu, the Magical Beast Mountain Range is very dangerous at night. I know you possess great strength, but there are many pitfalls and swamps here, so I sincerely request that the lady stay and travel with us to prevent the extra loss of time.”

Mu Ru Yue remained quiet for a moment before nodding slightly. “I can promise you that, but I like being in peace and dislike people disturbing me.”

Main Author note to readers: I don’t know if I had written unclearly for the previous bits, but Nangong Zi Feng didn’t die! She used a secret technique to escape. Her end result, however, will be worse than the others in the future~ Moreover, the son of the female lead in Mu Ru Yue’s previous life didn’t die. He only had his limbs cut off. Other than that, the female lead was initially from Hua Xia. She transmigrated from Hua Xia after she died. The so-called previous life was something that she doesn’t have any memory of and is regarding the central region. How can a moso bamboo have any memories?1

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  1. Miki: I’m not sure how to translate this sentence about the bamboo. From what I think, it should be because although the bamboo can live for a long time, it doesn’t hold memory as a plant. For those that are interested as to what the raws said, it is: 楠竹也木有什么记忆

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  1. ‘the female lead was initially from Hua Xia. She transmigrated from Hua Xia after she died. The so-called previous life was something that she doesn’t have any memory of and is regarding the central region.’

    It is worded a tad weirdly, but from my understanding, MRY’s reincarnation)s) look like this: 1 earliest reincarnation is the biggest family of that time the Zi I believe, 2 then she reincarnated into another world a.k.a Hua Xia (that is similar to but different from this one) with Wu Chen being unknown and Nangong Zi Feng living a long time in current world waiting (for MRY and Wu Chen) till the end of her life to reincarnate with her memories intact to now, 3 Mu Rue Yue (with coincidentally having the same name as the previous owner of her body, perhaps showing compatibility) dies in Hua Xia keeping Alchemy Book from rival family and reincarnates into current world with it starting off current plot. So there are 3 incarnations we know of and that are relevant to plot for MRY (Nangong probably had 2 including her current, and Wu Chen is unknown but remembers nothing like MRY in any case).

    Musing: Since the Alchemy Book was from this world originally, then went to Hua Xia, and is now back in it’s original world, and MRY has had the exact same sequence of events happen to her, does that mean she was the books’ original owner and thus the person who had sealed Yan Jin (motive may have been good or bad intentions, but sealing is usually bad unless circumstances are complicated…)in the first place? May be a stretch, but is possible…

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    |ω` |
    ⊂  ;゙  
    |   / Sigh! this people are only bringing trouble
    |U”” Why is Wu Chen doing nothing??

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