EAA Chapter 131


Chapter 131 – Ye Wu Chen’s Gentleness and Mu Ru Yue’s Moved Heart

Mu Ru Yue glared viciously at him, a faint blush on her exquisite face. Gritting her teeth, she asked, “Initially, who was the one that came running in completely naked when I was bathing? What were you thinking at that time?”

“Your husband wants you to be responsible for him.”

Ye Wu Chen was truly honest and directly revealed his intentions.

“Ye Wu Chen!” Mu Ru Yue tightly clenched her fist to forcefully stop herself from moving on impulse and punching that handsome face that was owed a beating. “I didn’t agree to marry you. Now that Imperial decree is already ineffective toward us!”


“Your husband can wait.” Ye Wu Chen looked tenderly at the girl in his embrace, smiled sinisterly as he said, “I will wait until the day you are willing to marry me. But in that period of time, if there are other guys that appear by your side, your husband cannot help but be jealous. Their outcome will be the same as Feng Jing Tian’s.”

“Feng Jing Tian. You’re referring to that enchanter?” Mu Ru Yue looked curiously at Ye Wu Chen. “What did you do to Feng Jing Tian?”

Ye Wu Chen raised his brow and looked at the girl in his embrace. With a hint of a sinister aura upon his divine appearance, he answered, “Nothing much, just made him unable to leave the bed for half a year. Why? My wife, do you feel pity for him?”

“Pity? I pity that enchanter? I just feel that you did great. I felt like kicking him whenever I saw that flower-like smile.”

Ye Wu Chen was slightly dazed before he helplessly shook his head. His eyes were filled with affection and tenderness.

“Mu Er, it’s late already. You should rest up. Your husband will surely come and look for you tomorrow.” Ye Wu Chen gently held Mu Ru Yue’s head before softly kissing her forehead. With a charming smile, he swore that he definitely wouldn’t let go of her hands.

As she watched that man’s figure disappear beneath the moonlight, Mu Ru Yue’s heart could never be as peaceful as stagnant water again. That man’s every action made her heart ripple.

Within the night, Ye Wu Chen halted his steps, his purple clothes fluttering in the evening wind. At this moment, a black clothed girl appeared behind him. She knelt and respectfully queried, “Master, what are your orders?”

Ben Wang wants the people from the Saintess Sect to know that Ben Wang has been playing the fool. Do it in the next half month.”

Currently, the palace was already being controlled and the two experts from the Saintess Sect had died. It would be difficult for his news to pass out from the palace, so at the moment he could only depend on himself.

“Master?” Die Yi looked with astonishment at Ye Wu Chen. With a light purse of her red lips, she gathered her courage and said, “Your subordinate will be bold and ask master to withdraw thy order. With the current power of Ghost manor, it still cannot resist the Saintess Sect. Why does master want those people to know that master was pretending to be a fool? Won’t the people of the Saintess Sect be attracted and come?”

The night’s atmosphere instantly became tense.

Die Yi’s heart tightened violently as an oppressive aura rose before her. Her body softened beneath the pressure and fell directly to the ground. She didn’t dare to raise her head to look at the man.

Ye Wu Chen looked down at the girl that fell to the ground. With a layer of darkness on his handsome face, his voice sounded as sinister as anything from hell, causing Die Yi’s body and soul to shudder.

“You just need to follow Ben Wang’s order!”

Follow? Die Yi smiled bitterly. She was absolutely loyal to master as this was the man in her heart. Yet, she couldn’t bear to watch her master walk such steps that would endanger Ghost manor for a girl.

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  2. A subordinate that disagrees with a leader’s opinion due to their personal feelings, I doubt this will bring anything good. I’m assuming this is the woman spoken of extreme jealousy when we met the space boi.

    1. Yea, this alerts us to another “issue”: “she was absolutely loyal to master” -> “she was absolutely devoted to her master”, devotion score 100, loyalty score ???, perhaps 10?

  3. issues:

    “glared viciously” -> “glared angrily”, “vicious” is pejorative, while an angry girl can still be a nice girl

    “peaceful as stagnant water” -> “peaceful as still water”, again, stagnant is pejorative (like a swamp) and we want to suggest tranquility (like a lake)

    “Within the night” -> “Sometime in the night” or “In the night”
    “fluttering in the evening wind” -> it was during the night, so AFTER the evening? “nightly wind” would not sound well “in the night”, so perhaps “in the cool wind” (what is special about the wind in the evening/night?)

    “palace was being controlled” -> “palace was under control” [being controlled in not wrong, but a bit awkward]

    “With a layer of darkness on his handsome face” -> “With his handsome face covered in darkness” or “With darkness covering his handsome face”

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