EAA Chapter 123


Chapter 123 – Sinister Saintess Sect

Imperial Consort Ya no longer looked elegant, her hair became messy as a breeze blew past. The mockery from her lips could clearly be seen by the crowd.

The Emperor of Zi Yue tightly clenched his fist. Anger was displayed on his aged face as he viciously swung his hand toward Ji Ru Ya. Pa! A clear, crisp slapping sound was heard.

Ji Ru Ya’s face was forced to the side and her hair flowed down, tightly sticking to her face. A trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth, but the mockery on her face didn’t vanish.

“Have I said wrongly? I had already heard your conversations. Moreover, she has promised to assist you in making the Kingdom of Zi Yue the strongest Kingdom, yet for your own gain, you’re more than willing to sacrifice your people.”


“Shut up!” The expression of the Emperor of Zi Yue turned ashen. With gritted teeth, he asked, “What have We done wrong? This will be assisting Us in making the Kingdom of Zi Yue the strongest Kingdom. We are doing this with the consideration of the people. Furthermore, that person in power fancies her talent. It is her blessing. We have helped her so much, but she didn’t appreciate it and even said that We have done wrong!”

“Hahaha!” Ji Ru Ya laughed crazily. With a mocking smirk, she continued, “Since that is the case, why didn’t you discuss and ask for Lady Mu’s opinion, rather than to use force from the start? You should know that any girl that hears that power’s name won’t willingly want to enter it.”

Upon saying that, Ji Ru Ya paused for a moment before continuing, “Saintess Sect! It is a power that will only recruit girls and they must be a virgin. Any girl that enters the sect must also have great innate talent. After soaking in a medicinal bath for a month, they would then be used by the head of the sect. At that moment, they would become a candidate for dual cultivation to the head of the sect. To put it crudely, the girls in the entire Saintess Sect are the head of the sect’s playthings. When the Ghost King’s mother was abducted to join the Saintess Sect, she had escaped before she could be summoned by the head of the sect. Later, you found out what had transpired and informed Saintess Sect, leading to the annihilation of the Nan An King’s family.”

Ji Ru Ya’s tone was clear, as though she had personally witnessed what had happened previously.

The expression of the Emperor of Zi Yue changed slightly. How did this girl know so much? He didn’t even tell these matters to his closest kin.

Could it be that he had accidentally leaked what had happened to her?

In the eyes of the world, the Saintess Sect was a sinister sect. If they were to know his relationship with the Saintess Sect and that he didn’t mind forcing girls to join that sect, he would certainly lose the heart of his people.

“That’s a bunch of nonsense! Beloved concubine, it seems that We have pampered you too much and made you become so undisciplined and out of control! Somebody, seize Imperial Consort Ya!”

The Emperor of Zi Yue’s face darkened as he hastily ordered.

Ji Ru Ya coldly smiled as she awaited death when she saw those people heading towards her. If Mu Ru Yue had died, then she wouldn’t have the chance to elope with her cousin.

In this case, it would be better to die.

“Ya Er.”

Just when Ji Ru Ya awaited her death, an arm extended from her side, pulling her into an embrace as a downcast voice was heard.

Ji Ru Ya’s body trembled slightly as she looked toward the handsome man who was embracing her. With tears in her beautiful eyes, she said, “Cousin, you shouldn’t have revealed yourself.”

“Ya Er, don’t say that. If you die, then what is the point for me to continue living? If it wasn’t for you, I would have already left the palace. Ya Er, since we can’t be together in this life, let us die as a couple.”

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  1. Thanks for the teaser and I can’t wait to see Mu Ru Yue beating them all to a pulp and the stupid emperor’s face when he find out about the family that Mu Ru Yue belongs to (I really hope this actually happens)

  2. Thanks for the chapter 😀 I wonder what kind of power is behind the “emperor”, I suspect some kind of evil group, duh xD N somehow I get some kind of evil family who rules everything vibe. I think there is gonna be a hidden country crossing organisation which is planning to rule everything. And they want Mu Ru because they really need some drugs.

    I have a question is it ever mentioned how old Ji Ru Ya is?

  3. It’s that girl isn’t it? The girl that was mentioned by the man who was from other realm.
    Btw first time comment here, silent lurker all this time.
    Hi Miki, always enjoy your teaser btw especially when u r inside the story. ???

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