EAA Chapter 1200


Chapter 1200 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 5

It was night.

The banquet hall as bustling with activities. Even people that had grudges with each other were talking amiably with each other within Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s manor.

But it was unknown what they were truly thinking…

Suddenly, everyone withdrew their gazes as they looked at the couple that was walking over under the night sky. They were subconsciously stunned…


Since Chen Xu had created a conflict inside the guest inn a couple of hours back, all of the influential power within North Wind Plains had already recognised the two of them. Disdain was momentarily expressed in their eyes.

“So this is the Region Head of the Nanyang region, a disciple of God Academy. Why are you as a member of the God Academy not studying in the academy but coming here into the North Wind Plains?”

“Hmph! I don’t know what God Academy is thinking. But they didn’t mind dispatching such a talent to die in the North Wind Plains.”

“That’s right, she is indeed very talented. But it is still impossible for her to resist against the entire North Wind Plains no matter how talented she is…”

The crowd was ridiculing Mu Ru Yue with mockery expressed in their eyes.

In their point of view, the North Wind Plains is a world for experts. There was also a large disparity between talents and experts…

What reason did the God Academy have other than sending her here to die?

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze turned gloomy. He swept a gloomy gaze throughout the crowd with her purple eyes. But he wasn’t enraged this time. He just smirked slightly instead.

A sinister cold glint flickered past his purple eyes.

Mu Ru Yue smiled. Her smile was cold and her smile didn’t reach her eyes. She commented, “Is this the nature of the various large influential power in North Wind Plains to team up and bully me, a feeble girl?”


Chen Yi could no longer bear it upon hearing that. He stood up and shot a death stare toward Mu Ru Yue. “Mu Ru Yue, let me ask you this. Was my nephew Chen Xu beaten by your subordinate?”

“Chen Xu?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment. She suddenly laughed out loud and commented, “Has he been bashed up by someone? I didn’t expect someone to teach him a lesson before I do. It seems that he has provoked several people to the point that a person can’t stand watching…”

“You…” Chen Yi’s complexion turned ashen. He rebuked angrily, “Who other than you will do such things? The cultivation of the man by your side is high. I reckon there is an undeniable link between my nephew’s injuries and him!”

In Chen Yi’s point of view, it didn’t matter if they were or were not the ones that bashed Chen Xu. He needed to push the blame on them for this matter. It was only so that Honoured Sir Hui Yi will deal them.

“An external influence power dares to be so brazen. She even dares to hurt people of the North Wind Plains.”

“Do you think you have become a person of the North Wind Plains just by taking over the Nanyang Region? In our point of view, you will forever be an outsider, unworthy to order us. You, more importantly, don’t have the qualifications to enjoy our North Wind Plains’ resources!”

“I shall give you a piece of advice. Immediately scram out of the North Wind Plains. Otherwise, all of the influential power of our North Wind Plains will surely annihilate your Region Head Manor! Even God Academy won’t dare to avenge you all at that time!”

The crowd insulted them one after the other. It was as if they were trying to immediately chase these people out of the North Wind Plains. Moreover, they wanted to make them not dare to set a foot in the North Wind Plains forever.

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly. Her face remained calm and collected. It was as though she wasn’t enraged by this matter…

It was as if she didn’t care all of those people’s insult.

Her calm expression fueled the flames of fury burning in the crowd’s hearts…

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