EAA Chapter 1199


Chapter 1199 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 4

Chen Xu frowned. When he thought about Mu Ru Yue’s cold and collected appearance, his heart became increasingly gloomy. “She… doesn’t have the usual impulse she should have at her age so I dare to say she is extraordinary!”

‘That woman is too calm. She still has a collected mind when she was being humiliated. A woman like herself is the hardest to deal with…’

“Mu Ru Yue is indeed incredible to be acknowledged by you.” Chen Yi relaxed his tightly creased brows and said, “No matter what our North Wind Plains has already gotten used to freedom. We definitely won’t be under the academy anymore! This gathering will be an opportunity for the other three influential power to discriminate against her at that time. In addition, we can slander her before Honoured Sir Hui Yi. I will make her unable to continue staying in the North Wind Plains!”

“Uncle, this North Wind Plains belong to our four large families. It doesn’t solely belong to her… Hence, I won’t let her succeed.”


Chen Xu sniggered.

It was undeniable that he indeed was greatly impressed by Mu Ru Yue. His usually calm and collected mind was unexpectedly a little dazzled by her.

But to him, what was more important was influential power!

If she hindered his path, he… would surely not hold back against her!

“Alright, time is getting late. You can go and prepare yourself. You are to follow me to attend Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s gathering later. Remember that you have to make Honoured Sir Hui Yi have a favourable impression to our Chen family. We will be able to suppress the other families that way.”

“Understood, Uncle.”

Chen Xu cupped his fists before retreating out of the room…

He headed to his room under the boundless night sky.


The room’s door was gradually pushed open. A mighty pressure was felt before him the instant he opened the door.

Chen Xu was greatly alarmed as he shouted hastily, “Who…”

‘Are you…

His words were interrupted before he could say his sentence fully.

A fist landed mercilessly on Chen Xu’s eyes. His body momentarily retreated a couple of steps.


Chen Xu crashed heavily on the wall.

Chen Xu couldn’t identify who was assaulting him. He would only see a purple ray flickered inside his room before countless punches landed on his body. It was so painful that his body spasmed from the pain.

When he was able to scream for help, the intense pain made his voice be stuck in his throat.


Suddenly, a blanket was tossed on his body making him be enveloped within. A sinister cold aura flashed past the man’s eyes as he punched and kicked Chen Xu who was being enveloped within the blanket. Chen Xu was frequently howling in pain…

Ye Wu Chen stopped his movements when he heard Chen Xu’s howling voice became increasingly quiet.


Purple robes soared out of the door. The sinister cold aura disappeared completely at that moment.


It was an absolute humiliation to Chen Xu!

He was bashed up terribly by someone but he was clueless as to who punched him in the end!


Chen Xu shrieked when he thought about that, “Bastards, I won’t forgive you if I find out who you are!”

The man paused his steps under the night sky. He turned around to look at the nearby  room. He smirked sinisterly cold.

“It seems I didn’t use enough strength this time since he could still yell out. It won’t be as simple as this next time…”

‘If it wasn’t due to considering that Mu Ru Yue still have some matters  to settle, this man will surely not be able to live to see the next day.’

Ye Wu Chen withdrew his gaze, turning around to disappear into the silent and tranquil night…

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