EAA Chapter 1198


Chapter 1198 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 3


An oppressing aura surged forth from Ye Wu Chen’s body. He gradually lifted his feet. But a hand was extended from his side at this moment, tightly holding his hand.

“Wu Chen,” Mu Ru Yue frowned as she raised her head at the man that just talked and asked, “Who are you?”

“Chen Xu (display dawn) of Chen family.”


The man smirked mockingly with his tone drenched with contempt.

The Chen family’s name wasn’t unfamiliar to the people within the inn…  

The North Wind Plains had four large family clans. They were the Chen family, Fang family, Lin family, and Dong family respectively. The four families had their own territories but those four influential power were more feared by people in North Wind Plains other than Honoured Sir Hui Yi…

As for Chen Xu, he was the Eldest Young Master of the Chen family. He always was arrogant. In his point of view, women are just tools that should just serve their husband and nurture their children. They didn’t qualify to be compared to them, men!

“Who said our chief can only serve her husband and nurture their children?” Wang Shu was enraged as he rebuked angrily, “My chief isn’t inferior to men!”

Chen Xu narrowed his eyes. He just smiled coldly but didn’t say anything.

No matter how he looked down on Mu Ru Yue, there was a God-emperor realm demon beast! Moreover, a sinister, charming man was standing by her side from the start. He had a pressure emitting from his body that made him apprehensive.

When his eyes met with that pair of purple eyes, a sinister cold aura permeated in his heart.

“Alright.” He sneered as he mocked, “I want to see how is your chief powerful. Hahaha!”

Chen Xu raised his head and smiled brazenly, walking briskly out of the door.

Ye Wu Chen stared at the disappearing figure. A sinister cold ray flickered past his purple eyes. A cunning smile was displayed on his face after a long time had passed…

“Chief, that fellow is too infuriating!”

Wang Shu said furiously with puffed cheeks, looking furiously at Chen Xu’s leaving direction.

“Let’s go.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she commented, not thinking much about it, “If you really mind him, you will quickly be enraged. If I haven’t guessed wrong, it is an opportunity of the various large influential powers in North Wind Plains to discriminate our Region Head Manor. Therefore, Chen Xu has purposely provoked us…”

Mu Ru Yue sighed after saying that.

But she… didn’t regret coming to attend the gathering!

“The gathering starts at night. Wu Chen, let’s go and rest up first. It is still too early now.”


Ye Wu Chen nodded lightly with a glow that flashed past within his purple eyes.

“Uncle, I have already seen Region Head Mu Ru Yue of the Nanyang region today.”

The room was brightly lit up.

Chen Xu was standing before a middle-aged man who was expressing scrutiny in his eyes.

“Oh?” Chen Yi (display resolute) frowned tightly and asked, “What kind of person is that woman?”

“Really remarkable!”

‘Really remarkable?’

Chen Yi was stunned for a moment.

There was nobody that understood the personality of his nephew more than him. His gaze was extremely high. Yet, he was complimenting someone now.

Furthermore, was it also a woman?

“Uncle, I had purposely said words to insult her, trying to enrage her and instigating her to attack me first. Once she made her move, I will have sufficient reason for Honoured Sir Hui Yi to deal with her! But she didn’t!”

“For a woman like herself, she would not be able to accept people doubting her capability the most. I said that she should just head back to serve her husband and children. Otherwise, she may not be able to maintain her chastity. But she remained completely unfazed as though she didn’t hear me.”

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