EAA Chapter 1195


Chapter 1195 – Regretful Lin Tian Part 4

Mu Ru Yue was completely speechless to this man. She no longer looked at him as her gaze focused on the street path in front of her…


A layer of fire coated the elder’s fist as he struck mercilessly on the Ancient Soaring Serpent.

However, the Soaring Serpent didn’t move a step back. It only made the elder’s hand numb instead. It was as if he had hit a rock…


“Ancient Soaring Serpent is indeed extraordinary!”

The elder’s expression became serious as he commented, “It is even more powerful than demon beast at the same cultivation realm! It seems it will be a little difficult to defeat him…”

Nonetheless, the Ancient Soaring Serpent opened his large mouth before the elder could think of a solution. It bit mercilessly toward the elder’s head.

The old man of the Lin family turned pale from fright but he was already too late to dodge it. He hastily protected his head.


His arm was bitten by the Soaring Serpent. Blood instantly gushed out from his wound. The elder shrieked from the pain with his elderly face turning terrifying pale…


When Lin Tian looked at the old man of the Lin family, he nearly fainted from that sight. But his condition wasn’t good either. Momentarily, a sword pierced through his body and h-he could clearly hear the cracking sound of his dantian.


Blood spat out from Lin Tian’s mouth, dispersed in the air. He was sent crashing heavily on the ground, lying on the ground. Blood quickly covered the entire ground area…

Lin Tian raised his head as he stared at Mu Ru Yue’s flawless face with a fury and sinister gaze. Suddenly, he laughed heartily.

“Mu Ru Yue, you will surely die a terrible death!”

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly. She used her slender long finger to rub her chin as she replied indifferently, “I don’t know if I will meet with a tragic end but you will already die from a terrible death now… Lin Tian, I, Mu Ru Yue, won’t purposely create conflict but I similarly am not someone you can bully as you like. I will make anyone delusional in hurting me suffers harm before I do!”


Lin Tian’s face wasn’t its initial cold and stern appearance. It was horrifyingly sinister instead as he cursed, “You have committed so many killings. You will also be killed by other experts as your last outcome!”

Lin Tian burst out laughing as though he could already foresee the sight where this woman’s life was ended with a sword by another person…

Mu Ru Yue lowered her head slightly as she looked at the man’s crazed expression.

Her voice was extremely gentle but it was like a heavy rock that landed on Lin Tian’s heart as she said, “Do you know that there are many people that wanted to kill me after coming to this world? As my cultivation increases, the people that want to kill me became increasingly powerful. I believe I will be faced with several more experts in the future. If there weren’t those experts, I wouldn’t be forced to such a stage. However,…”

Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before she continued, “People that want to kill me usually die earlier than me!”

‘No matter if it was Nangong Zi Feng or the rest, anyone that tried to kill me died before me in the end…’


Grey robes landed before Lin Tian at this instant.

The old man of the Lin family coughed dryly with blood surging out from his mouth. When he raised his head, he stared at the enormous Ancient Soaring Serpent…

‘I can’t accept this!

‘I really can’t accept such a defeat! I am, more importantly, reluctant to become a trash.’

“Lin Tian, why didn’t you tell me she possesses an Ancient Soaring Serpent?” The old man of Lin family yelled in a hoarse voice as he shut his eyes in despair.

Lin Tian’s body shuddered at this moment. Regret and hatred tangled with each other in his head but he wouldn’t be able to start over again…

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