EAA Chapter 1194


Chapter 1194 – Regretful Lin Tian Part 3

Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly. 

‘The Ancient Soaring Serpent had directly matured from its infant stage to adolescent stage after the slumber this time. Therefore, it could speak human language. Its cultivation had similarly improved a lot.

‘It is currently at the same cultivation as the elder at the God-emperor realm!

‘But the Ancient Soaring Serpent was a demon beast after all. No matter if it was its battling might or toughness of its skin, it was far superior to the Lin family’s old man as a human…’


Lin Tian’s expression changed instantly. His face turned gravely pale.

‘I originally thought the Scorching Flame Phoenix was her last trump card, I didn’t expect her to hide such a mighty demon beast…

‘If I had tried to snatch the Fire Phoenix at the tomb previously, perhaps I would have died under the Ancient Soaring Serpent’s might…’

But Lin Tian had overthought.

The Ancient Soaring Serpent was in deep slumber half a year ago, unable to assist Mu Ru Yue…

“I really don’t know what trump card she still has other than those.”

Qiu Mei chuckled bitterly as she lamented helplessly while shaking her head.

‘A person can die from being angered after making a comparison!

‘Anyone will be prideful for possessing a demon beast. But what about her? She not only possesses a God-king High realm Scorching Flame Phoenix, but also another God-king realm demon beast acknowledges her as its master…’

“Master told me to cripple you. I must heed to master’s order so…”

The Ancient Soaring Serpent narrowed its ruthless eyes slightly.


It charged toward the elder. Its enormous body carried an oppressive aura with it, making the elder have a complete change in his expression.

“Tian Er, quickly go!”

The elder hastily turned his head to look at Lin Tian who had his complexion gravely pale from fright. He yelled, “Quickly leave this place!”

Lin Tian was scared witless. When he heard the elder’s voice, he suddenly came back to his senses. He no longer cared about the elder fighting the Ancient Soaring Serpent. He turned around, trying to escape.

Suddenly, a lofty figure blocked his path…

Lin Tian was stunned. When he raised his head, an aloof and remote divine god-like face entered his sight…

The man was dressed in white robes with snow-white hair. His gaze looked down from mid-air, looking down at the people on the ground.

‘If Ye Wu Chen was an Asura, this man would be the opposite, the divine god! His aloof and remote grandeur makes me feel really insignificant.

‘It is as if I am an ant before this man…’



The crowd gasped.

This man was also a God-king…

“Bai Ze, cripple him!”

Mu Ru Yue sniggered as she commented, “I had never thought of having conflicts with anyone but there will always be people not willing to let me off. Lin Tian, you have just reaped what you sowed!”


Lin Tian’s complexion turned terrifyingly pale. He finally knew what regret felt like at this instant.

‘I regret being enemies with this horrifying woman.

‘What I regret more is… I said that she is only worthy to be my concubine…’

“Mu Er.”

Ye Wu Chen pulled Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. With resentment in his purple eyes, he complained, “This man dared to not only fancy and humiliated you, but he also wanted to make you his concubine! Why are you stopping me from dealing with him but let Bai Ze deal with him instead?”

Ye Wu Chen was jealous as he asked sourly.

“There is no need to sully your hand for this kind of scum.”

Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders.

The sourness brewing in Ye Wu Chen’s heart instantly vanished after he heard her words. With a charming smirk on his handsome face, he clarified, “Are you implying Bai Ze’s hand can be dirtied?”

If it wasn’t for the current matter not settled yet, Mu Ru Yue had the impulse to kick him. But she suppressed that impulse. She glared at him furiously before commenting, “Ye Wu Chen, there are times where I have an intense impulse to bash you up…”

Ye Wu Che smiled and replied, “I don’t mind getting punched a couple of times if it makes my wife happy.”


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