EAA Chapter 119


Chapter 119 – Surprised Madam Sheng Yue Part 1

Xiao family within Sheng domain

Madam Sheng Yue heard her subordinate’s report and stood up excitedly. As her voice trembled slightly, she asked, “Are… are you saying the truth? You really have my daughter’s location?”

She had finally found the location of her long-lost daughter….

“Hubby, did you hear that? He said he’d found the location of our daughter, my pitiful daughter.” Madam Sheng Yue gripped onto the sleeve of the man by her side. She was so stirred up that tears flowed from her eyes.


A handsome man stood beside Madam Sheng Yue. His excitement was also shown without disguise on his exceptionally handsome face. He extended his arm to pull at the woman by his side and into his embrace before saying gently, “I’ve heard it, Yu Er. Let’s listen to what Xiao Lin has to tell us for now. Xiao Lin, tell us what you have investigated.”

“Yes, master, madam.” A middle aged man known as Xiao Lin respectfully cupped his fist before saying clearly, “We have always thought that the Eldest young mistress was in Sheng domain all these years so we have been trying to find her within Sheng domain. But from what I have found out, that year the people from Nangong family initially wanted to kill the Eldest young mistress as a means to seek revenge against master and madam. A subordinate couldn’t bear to kill her, however, so he snuck the Eldest young mistress to a house in the outside world and made that person announce the young mistress as their biological daughter. Coincidentally, the madam of the family went through a difficult birth and had a dead baby, so they used the Eldest young mistress as their substitute. On the other hand, when that subordinate returned, he reported that the Eldest young mistress was already killed by him. Currently, we have a clue, but nothing is certain yet…”

“It’s alright this way. It’s fine.” Madam Sheng Yue leaned into the embrace of the head of the Xiao family. Her delicate body shuddered in excitement. “I had said this long ago. Our daughter was only missing, she wasn’t dead. I know my daughter well, even if she is not by my side. Our blood bond will not be severed. She definitely must be living somewhere.”

The Eldest young mistress of the Nangong family fell in love with the young master of the Xiao family, Xiao Tian Yu. But at that time, Xiao Tian Yu already had a loving wife and a son. The legitimate couple, however, was deeply in love with each other, but the young mistress of the Nangong family still abandoned her pride to be willing to serve him as a concubine. Yet, Xiao Tian Yu clearly clarified to her in the end that he would only have one wife in his life.

One pairing for his entire life.

The Eldest young mistress of the Nangong family  converted her love to hatred. When Madam Sheng Yue was pregnant once more and gave birth to a girl, the Eldest young mistress discreetly dispatched people to infiltrate the Xiao family and steal their daughter, then said that their infant had already died beneath her hands. Xiao Tian Yu was so enraged that he took up his sword and challenged the Nangong family by himself. He completely ruined the foundations and ley lines of the Nangong family.

If it wasn’t that some of the old fellows of the Xiao family had stopped him, the Nangong family would have already been annihilated by him.

Yet, no matter what others said, Madam Sheng Yue strongly believed from the start that her daughter was still living. Thus, she dispatched people to search for her location all over Sheng domain. Yet, there wasn’t a single clue these past 15 years.

Who knew that her daughter wasn’t in Sheng domain but was discreetly sent out into the world?

“Yu Er, don’t worry. Our daughter will definitely return and she may have grown up into an exceptional girl.” Xiao Tian Yu consoled Madam Sheng Yue as he laughed out loud. His heart still wasn’t able to calm down as of yet. “Xiao Lin, immediately check the credibility of this matter. No matter what, I want to see my precious daughter.”

No matter if it was Madam Sheng Yue or Xiao Tian Yu, they were both extremely anxious to reunite with their long lost daughter.

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  3. I like the fact that the author doesn’t drag on the story..The outcome of this being the long-lost daughter of the Sheng family is solved easily and swiftly..

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