EAA Chapter 1189


Chapter 1189 – Facing Danger Part 13

The young girl had a delicate and pretty appearance. Anxiousness was expressed in her clear, large eyes. Tears almost rolled out from her eyes.

“Region Head, this is the young miss of the Wen family. She is Wen Hao’s biological younger sister, Wen Dan Dan (culture pellet pellet).” Qiu Mei turned her head to face Wen Dan Dan after introducing the young girl and then asked, “Dan Dan, what’s the matter?”

“Elder sister Qiu Mei, my elder brother… is not going to make it!”



Qiu Mei’s expression changed momentarily as she replied hastily, “Dan Dan, let’s hurry back to see your elder brother!”

“Wait a minute.”

When Mu Ru Yue saw Qiu Mei was walking out, Mu Ru Yue stood up. With an indifferent expression, he said, “Let’s go. I will go with you to have a look at him. I may be able to help out…”

Qiu Mei nodded slightly and agreed, “Alright!”

Wen Hao had his eyes closed inside a room. His lips had turned purple. He seemed to have lost all his vitality. If it wasn’t for his feeble breathing, perhaps a lot of people would have thought he had already passed…

The door was suddenly pushed open. When the crowd within the room looked over, they saw Mu Ru Yue and Qiu Mei were walking briskly over…

“Lady Qiu Mei, you have come.”

The head of Wen family consoled his wife as he laughed bitterly and said, “If it wasn’t for my poor health, I wouldn’t have needed to pass the heavy burden of the Wen family on Hao Er. But now…”

“Don’t worry, he will surely be fine.”

Qiu Mei looked nervously at Wen Hao.

Her heart ached for some reasons when she saw his current condition…

“Poisoned?” Mu Ru Yue glanced at Wen Hao before she commented, “The poison has already spread deeply in his heart. It is fortunate that it isn’t too difficult to treat it. A Middle Rank King Stage Antidote Pill will be able to save his life…”

The people of wen family was stunned. They looked at Mu Ru Yue as though she was the last straw to clutch at. Their breaths hastened at this instant.

“Lord Region Head,” Wen Dan Dan snapped out from her shock as she quickly walked to Mu Ru Yue and offered anxiously, “If you are willing to save my brother, our Wen family will do anything for you.”

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Wen Dan Dan before looking at the others’ hopeful gazes. She replied in an indifferent tone, “I don’t need your Wen family to do anything for me. I am saving Wen Hao due to having a good impression of him…”

She took out a jade bottle out from her storage ring after saying that. She poured out a pill from the bottle and held it in front of Wen Dan Dan.

“Let your elder brother consume this. He will recover within an hour. Qiu Mei, let’s go.”

Qiu Mei looked at Mu Ru Yue with a slightly complicated gaze.

‘What she has taken out isn’t an ordinary pill. It is a King Stage Mid Rank Antidote Pill. Yet, she just casually gave it away.

‘This woman is really an interesting person…’

Qiu Mei shook her head and sighed. She swept a gaze at Wen Hao who was lying on the bed. She smiled gently.

Following that, she followed Mu Ru Yue out of the room without turning her heads back…

“Dan Dan, quickly send off Lord Region Head.”

The head of the Wen family instantly got back to his senses and instructed immediately.

He clutched the pill within his palm with a shaky grip. He suddenly had the impulse to laugh frantically. But tears rolled down his cheeks in the end instead.

‘It has been half a year.

‘The heavens know how they got through during this period…

‘Wen Hao was poisoned with highly toxic venom ever since he came back half a year ago. He had been faltering between his conscious and unconscious state, plaguing the entire Wen family with worries. His life was slowly fading away while they were simmering in that torture.

‘It’s lucky Hao Er’s benefactor has come. He will come out surviving this ordeal this time.’

The head of Wen family fed Wen Hao that pill. He could still clearly feel Wen Hao’s vitality was regenerating even though he didn’t wake up immediately…

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