EAA Chapter 1178


Chapter 1178 – Facing Danger Part 2

“Is… is that a God-king realm demon beast?”

Everyone was startled.

It was in their wildest dreams that Mu Ru Yue possessed a God-king realm demon beast! It wasn’t a mystery why she dared to come here by herself. With just this demon beast, it was far superior to any other members of Region Head Manor.

Flame Phoenix pridefully raised her chin as she looked coldly at the black-coloured dragon before her. Her crimson red eyes were filled with contempt.


“You… you are…”

The enormous black-coloured dragon looked at Fire Phoenix that was cladded in flames in astonishment. It took quite a while before it remembered her identity. Its original sinister cold voice became sharp, obviously carrying dread with it.

“Impossible! How can you be Fire Phoenix that followed by Lord Wu Wang’s side that year?”

‘Everyone knows who Wu Wang was in that era.

‘He was that expert that was previously above everyone. Even every one of his demon beasts was exceptionally valiant! But why?! Why has Scorching Flame Phoenix appeared at this place?

‘Moreover, why is she calling this woman her master?’

The enormous black-coloured dragon gasped. There was an indescribable shock in its heart…

“Wu Wang?”

Lin Tian furrowed his brows tightly. He stared at Mu Ru Yue’s flawless face and commented, “Wu Wang was the top expert a thousand years ago! Even though I have not seen him, I could still see traces of him in some ancient books. He previously was a man that killed countless people for his wife due to being in rage for his woman but he still had fallen in the end! But why is Lord Wu Wang’s demon beast recognising her as her master? What was her relationship with Wu Wang?”

The crowd’s heart shuddered with the curiosity in their eyes intensifying.

But what was more was their astonishment.

They originally thought it was already shocking enough that she possessed a God-king demon beast. But they didn’t expect that demon beast to be one that had stayed by Wu Wang’s side in the past. It could be said that once the Fire Phoenix recovered her might from a thousand years ago, she would certainly be matchless powerful! 

“H-how is this possible?”

Yin Hua’s complexion turned gravely pale as he muttered.

This outcome had made him despair…


The enormous black-coloured dragon released an alarming roar. It shrieked, “So what if you are the Scorching Flame Phoenix? Your might had already fallen to a might similar to mine. This woman also isn’t Wu Wang!”

The enormous black-coloured dragon was really scared. It had previously seen Wu Wang’s massacres. It had offended his demon beast today. If that man was still around, he would surely kill him!

Therefore, the enormous black-coloured dragon crazed due to its intense dread. He only had a thought now. It was to kill all these people.

“Master, you can step back and pass it to me. We will have dragon meat to eat today.”

The Fire Phoenix smiled sinisterly. She gradually raised her hand. Instantly, a red-coloured flame sword appeared before her.

She extended her hand to grab onto the sword. With a flash of her body, she dashed toward the enormous black-coloured dragon.


The enormous black-coloured dragon swept its dragon’s tail toward Fire Phoenix. Fire Phoenix dodged to aside. But the sword in her hand still slashed down without any hesitation.


It pierced into the dragon’s flesh.


The enormous black dragon roared out in pain. Its expression became sinister.


Its tail landed on Fire Phoenix’s body, sending her flying for a few metres.

Beating a snake seven inch was the same when dealing with a dragon!

Fire Phoenix wiped away the remnants of blood from the corner of her mouth. She then dashed toward the black-coloured dragon once again, quickly being in a tangle again…

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