EAA Chapter 1167


Chapter 1167 – Undermining Talent Part 4

“Grandmaster, you must be living the life. You hide yourself after pushing me to the center of the stage. I was almost scared to death by the passion of those people during this period of time.”

Hai Wei looked at the woman sitting on the soft couch with her eyes closed and lamented a little.

Mu Ru Yue opened her eyes and asked apathetically, “How is the recruiting going lately?”

Hai Wei instantly became excited when he heard this topic. He replied, talking non-stop, “Grandmaster, you should be unaware that it wasn’t just people of North Wind Plain that came, but there were also some idle martial practitioners from other places that came over. Currently, the influential power of our Region Head Manor is increasing exponentially, we will soon be able to rise up within the North Wind Plain.


“Nonetheless, I still want to give you a piece of advice. This place is only the Nanyang Region of North Wind Plains. There are countless experts within North Wind Plains. Have you heard of Honored Sir Hui Yi (gray clothes)?”

“Honored Sir Hui Yi?” Mu Ru Yue was startled as she asked curiously.

“That’s right!” Hai Wei smiled complacently. “Honored Sir Hui Yi is the top expert in North Wind Plains. But he loves to live freely and dislike being tied down to an influential power. He, more importantly, hates people disturbing his peace. Therefore, he lived in seclusion in a small town. That town can be said as the most tranquil place in the entire North Wind Plains. Nobody dares to kill people in Honored Sir Hui Yi’s territory. There previously was a case that a person didn’t believe the rumours and challenged Honored Sir Hui Yi. He was killed in the end, leaving no trace of his body behind!”

“Is Honored Sir Hui Yi that amazing?”

“That is certain! There isn’t anyone that knows Honored Sir Hui Yi actual age nor do they know his current cultivation. My Master has brought me to visit Honored Sir Hui Yi a few years back. You have to imagine how powerful my Master will be as a monster that lived for a thousand years! Yet, he couldn’t help but act servile toward Honored Sir Hui Yi!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t know how powerful Honored Sir Hui Yi is but she knew how powerful Tong Xuan was. Even Tong Xuan didn’t dare to act brazenly before Honored Sir Hui Yi so Honored Sir Hui Yi was indeed really fearsome…

“Therefore, you should try your best not to end up on the bad side of Honored Sir Hui Yi. He is too powerful. It can be said that he can totally use a hand to toss the world upside down!”

“I won’t provoke him if he doesn’t provoke me. I am not a person that can take things down low.”

Mu Ru Yue’s voice was as calm as the wind, her voice was gradually heard within the quiet courtyard.

‘If he provokes me first, perhaps I don’t have the strength to oppose him now. But once I have the might, I will certainly pay him back for that!

‘However, if others don’t seek trouble with me, I won’t provoke them…’

“Hai Wei, I am going to explore a tomb with Wen Hao and the rest. Thus, I will be temporarily passing this Region Head Manor to you.”

Hai Wei was stunned for a moment before he asked, “You don’t need me to go with you?”

“No need.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head and replied indifferently.

“You are to bring people with you. Wang Hai and Wang Shu among the Wang Ba Brothers Group are God-king experts. There will at least be people that can assist you by bringing them with you. If something were to happen to you, perhaps my Master will beat me to death!”

Hai Wei pouted as he suggested.

‘More importantly, I don’t want anything to happen to this woman. It will be a major loss to the God realm for such a talent to disappear…’

“It suffices for me to go alone. It will just be a burden bringing too many people along with me.”

‘The tomb is really dangerous. If there were too many people that come with me, it will backfire instead unless if I don’t care about their lives!’

Therefore, Mu Ru Yue wasn’t willing to bring people to the tomb. If she met with danger, she would be too occupied to care about them…

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