EAA Chapter 1165


Chapter 1165 – Undermining Talent Part 2

“Tomb?” Mu Ru Yue rubbed her chin as she continued, “I don’t have anything important to do lately. Since so, I will make a trip there with you all.”

Elation flickered past Qiu Mei and Wen Hao’s eyes. The exploration this time was really risky. With her addition, the danger might decrease a lot…

“We will wait for Lord Region Head then.”

Wen Hao stood up. With a slight smile on his meager and feeble face, he commented, “I hope we will have a pleasant time together.”


He cast a final glance at Mu Ru Yue upon saying that before he turned around and left.

“Little sister, I hope you won’t let elder sister down” Qiu Mei giggled lovably. She cast a flirtatious gaze at Mu Ru Yue. She then walked briskly out of the door, following closely behind Wen Hao.


Mu Ru Yue chuckled a little as she said, “I hope to gain a harvest during this exploration. But Ye Wu Chen still hasn’t come out from seclusion training after so much time had passed. It seems I will be heading there myself…”

She sighed a little when she thought about that. She looked past the pure azure sky as though she was seeing that charming and handsome face…

Chu Zi Yu saw Tong Xuan who was walking into the palace hall from outside within the noble and sacred palace hall. With a slight frown, she asked, “Elder Tong Xuan, you have finally returned. Why hasn’t Hai Wei returned with you?”

“Hehe!” Tong Xuan chuckled as he said, “Lady Zi Yu, I have found a talent outside. That talent has mastered the rates of fusion and diffusion of her pills. She had the same accomplishment that Lord Wu Wang had previously. Therefore, I have let Hai Wei learn from her. I believe he will have a drastic improvement in his cultivation shortly.”

“What did you say?”

Zhu Zi Yu’s expression became serious. Her impeccable face turned gloomy momentarily as she queried, “Has her pill’s fusion and diffusion rates reached a hundred percent?”

“That’s right!”

Tong Xuan smiled as he said complacently, “I will try to form a connection with her first. I will then think of ways on how to make her enter our God Sect!”

Zhu Zi Yu’s heart shuddered at that moment. She suppressed her trembling heart, closing her eyes slightly. She then said indifferently, “You are dismissed.”

“Understood, Lady Zi Yu.”

Tong Xuan cupped his fists, turning around and leaving the door.

Zhu Zi Yu suddenly opened her eyes the instant he left. With a glint that flashed past her eyes, she commented, “Her fusion and diffusion rate has reached a hundred percent? Who else other than his bloodline will be able to possess such powerful innate talent? I, Zhu Zi Yu, don’t mind killing the wrong person ten thousand times than to miss out on one! Therefore, no matter if she is the one or not, I won’t let her live. Once she dies, Wu Wang will always be by my side…”

Zhu Zi Yu’s expression became gentle when she mentioned her beloved’s name. She subconsciously smiled gently. She stood up from her chair, walking out of the palace hall.

Tong Xuan halted his steps after walking out of the palace hall. He frowned unknowingly and said curiously, “I wonder why Lady Zi Yu’s expression turned a little strange once I mentioned Lady Mu’s capability.”

‘If I didn’t see wrong, fear and panic were expressed in her eyes at that instant. It, however, doesn’t have the joy of discovering a talent…

‘Why is that?

‘Doesn’t Lady Zi Yu wants to help Lord Wu Wang to make God Sect prosper? Why did she express that kind of expression when she heard of such a talent?

‘I don’t get it.’

Tong Xuan sighed while he walked out, shaking his head. He quickly vanished from within the palace hall…

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