EAA Chapter 1162


Chapter 1162 – Break Through Again Part 5

Suddenly, Hai Wei seemed to have discovered something. He frowned slightly and asked curiously, “You seems to have broken through. I wonder what cultivation you have reached now?”

‘That’s right, this woman’s grandeur is indeed different. Can it be she had broken through with the assistance of the High Rank Spiritual Stone?

‘If it is so, it is possible.’

“Which cultivation are you referring to?” Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at Hai Wei before asking indifferently.


Hai Wei nearly burst out in laughter.

‘I am naturally referring to her martial cultivation. Can it be she is able to even make a breakthrough in her alchemy in such a short time frame? It is impossible!

‘If she wants to break through from the General Stage Peak Rank to the King Stage, she must definitely need several months to achieve that!’

However, Hai Wei still asked with a smile even though he had such thoughts, “Grandmaster, how much have you broken through in your alchemy standard during that month of seclusion training?”

Mu Ru Yue rubbed her nose as she replied, not thinking much about it, “King Stage Mid Rank.”


Hai Wei’s smile stiffened as he looked at Mu Ru Yue in disbelief. He continued with a shaky voice, “W-weren’t you a General Stage Peak Rank Alchemist? How can you have broken through to the King Stage Mid Rank, improving by two ranks?!”

‘If she said she had broken through in her martial cultivation, it is reasonable. Yet, she had broken through two ranks in her alchemy skills within a month. She can no longer be described as a genius at this stage. She is an abnormal person!’

“Is there a problem?” Mu Ru Yue raised her brows and asked.

‘Hai Wei’s alchemy skills aren’t bad so what is there to be so surprised? To people of God Sect, a King Stage Mid Rank alchemist shouldn’t amount to much.’

‘Indeed, there are several King Stage Mid Rank alchemists within God Sect. However, she not only can have her fusion and diffusion rates perfected, but she also has broken through from the General Stage Peak Rank to the King Stage Mid Rank in such a short time frame. Even if it is the top talent of God Sect, he wouldn’t be able to achieve such an improvement!’

Hai Wei gasped, nearly kneeling to hug Mu Ru Yue’s leg.

‘This fella is peerless monster!’

“Do you plan to scare people to death?” Hai Wei chuckled bitterly as he commented, “It’s no wonder why Master places importance on you. Perhaps he already knew your potentials. It’s a pity that you, such a monster, isn’t a person of our God Sect…”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything. She only spoke after a long time had passed, “Hai Wei, I have some matters to pass to Kong Fan and you to settle next.

“Grandmaster, please instruct me. I will certainly not refuse as long as it is within my capability!”

“Actually, it isn’t a major matter. It is just that our Region Head Manor lacks manpower. Therefore, I hope you can help me recruit people, together with Kong Fan! Everyone willing to join our Region head Manor will obtain a God Return Recovery Pill and pills that can assist them in breaking through their cultivations! Moreover, for those that contribute to the Region Head Manor, they can similarly use their contributions to exchange for pills… Furthermore, as long as it is people that had joined the Region Head Manor, they will be given spiritual stones monthly according to their cultivations!”

Hai Wei widened his eyes in shock, staring at Mu Ru Yue.

The reason for that was due to Mu Ru Yue giving too many benefits.

‘People that join will not only receive pills, but also obtain a fixed amount of spiritual stones from the Region Head Manor every month. They will no longer need to worry about how to cultivate further!

‘No matter if it is a pill or spiritual stone, aren’t they treasures people vie over? But when those are in her hands, she just casually takes them out.

Hai Wei couldn’t help but think back about that astonishing auction.

‘Perhaps she will only be the one to spend so freely. Who in this North Wind Plains will toss out such ample conditions to recruit people for her influential power?’

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