EAA Chapter 1161


Chapter 1161 – Break Through Again Part 4

Currently, Mu Ru Yue had a stack of documents in her hands within the courtyard. She was lazily leaning against Ye Wu Chen, gently flipping the documents in her hands.

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze had always been focused on her from the start. His smile intensified.

‘How long has it been?

“How long has it been since we can live so relaxed ever since the year we left Ghost King Manor? I wish with all my heart that time can freeze now as this place has only she and I…’


It was a pity reality loved to go against wishes. An exclamation was suddenly heard, breaking the tranquil and beautiful moment.

“Grandmaster, I have just refined a God Foundation Pill. Its fusion rate has already reached ninety percent!”

Hai Wei walked briskly over with elation pasted on his face.

‘To the alchemists, the high fusion rate is hard to achieve. Even if it is my Master, his fusion rate can only reach ninety-three percent. But I have managed to increase my fusion rate to ninety in just a few days…

‘Master won’t have been able to bring me such drastic improvements.”

“Mmhm.” Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she said with an indifferent smile, “We will increase the might of Region Head Manor next. Therefore, I want you to help with refining a lot of pills. As for what pills needed, Kong Fan will let you know.”

Hai Wei was stunned for a moment. He rubbed his head and asked, “What about you grandmaster?”

“Wu Chen and I will enter seclusion training!”

‘Only spiritual stones won’t have any side effects when martial practitioners absorb them in this world! Since I have recently obtained a High Rank Spiritual Stone, I can directly breakthrough from the God-general High realm to the God-king Low Rank realm.’

A breeze blew past within the room. The bed curtain brushed gently against the woman’s face.

The woman currently had her eyes closed, holding an enormous spiritual stone in her hand. Following the opening of her skin pores, the power from the spiritual stone entered her body through her skin pores quickly absorbing into her dantian…

Suddenly, a mighty power rose from the woman’s body, expanding outward at the speed of lightning. Yet, that power didn’t disappear. It became increasingly stronger instead…


The woman opened her eyes after a long time, exhaling a mouthful of air. She commented, “I have used half a month of absorbing to finally be able to fully absorb the power of the High Rank Spiritual Stone. I have also broken through to the God-king Low realm. Even though I still have nine High Rank Spiritual Stones, it will make my cultivation unstable if I break through too fast. But I wonder which cultivation Wu Chen has reached now…”

Mu Ru Yue had a gut feeling that Ye Wu Chen would only be stronger than her. He would never be weaker than her!

“It is about time for me to increase my alchemy standard as well.”

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath before gradually standing up, heading out of the room…

She similarly used half a month to breakthrough in her alchemy skills. Thus, at least one month had passed once she left the room.

Hai Wei had refined countless types of pills during that month, filling the entire room with pills. The members of the Wang Ba Brothers Group had never seen that many pills before so they curiously surrounded Hai Wei with reverence-filled eyes.

However, they longed to become Mu Ru Yue more as she was able to recruit such an alchemist.

Perhaps it would be their greatest blessings to be able to follow her…


When Hai Wei raised his head and saw Mu Ru Yue, his eyes instantly lit up. He walked briskly over to her and said, “You have come out from seclusion training?”

“Mhm.” Mu Ru Yue nodded.

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