EAA Chapter 1160


Chapter 1160 – Break Through Again Part 3

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes were filled with a sneer as he gently rubbed his chin with his slender long finger. With a sinister smirk, he said, “You have to work so much daily. Since someone willingly knocks on the door to serve you, why not? Moreover, that old man of God Sect is really strong. Perhaps you may need to use him in the future…”

‘That’s right, the elder’s cultivation is very high. But I don’t need to be too guarded around him.

‘It is due to him being able to obtain whatever he wants with his might. However, he chose not to use force but compromised with Mu Ru Yue instead.

‘He, more importantly, didn’t force Mu Ru Yue to be his disciple…’


Therefore, it was precisely due to that Ye Wu Chen allowed Hai Wei to stay behind…

“Grandmaster, what should I do now?”

Hai Wei, who just had his living quarters settled by Kong Fan, came running into the alchemy room before he could warm up the seat in his room. He looked at Mu Ru Yue, beaming with smiles.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Hai Wei before she pointed at the bunch of medicinal plants before her and ordered, “You are to use fire to fuse all these medicinal plants.”

“Grandmaster, about this…” Hai Wei was stunned for a moment as he looked astonished at Mu Ru Yue.

“You were the one that wanted to be my assistant. This is your first task.” Mu Ru Yue’s expression was calm and collected, as though she was just saying that casually.

“Grandmaster, it isn’t that I am not willing to do alchemist apprentice’s work, but there are several medicinal plants that go against each other. It will be very difficult to fuse them.”

Hai Wei looked suspiciously at Mu Ru Yue as he used a questioning tone when he said that.

“Are you saying it is impossible for the medicinal plants to fuse because there are medicinal power that go against each other?” Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly as she explained, “The Berserk Fruit and Frozen Snow Flower is indeed cold and hot medicinal plants so their medicinal power will oppose each other. However if there is the Gold Silver Flower added within those two medicinal plants, their medicinal power will reach an equilibrium. 

“Therefore, every problem has a solution. Following this, it will be up to your ability. I want to see the final product of all of the medicinal plants fusing as one without any flaws in three days.”

Mu Ru Yue no longer said further upon saying that. She turned around and left the alchemy room, leaving Hai Wei by himself within the room filled with medicinal plants.

Perhaps Hai Wei was respectful toward Mu Ru Yue due to Tong Xuan’s grandeur at the beginning, carrying some disdain in his heart. However, he felt enlightened after hearing what she said. It was as though he saw rays of light when he was trapped within darkness…

“What she said is right. Nothing is absolute! Even if there’s trouble, there must be a way to solve it…”

He calmed down and surveyed the medicinal plants in the room. Following that, he took in a deep breath and raised his hand to grab onto a silver-white coloured flower. Flames were ignited from his palm.

Drip after drip of medicinal fluid frequently flowed into a bottle…

Hai Wei was still fifteen minutes late to pass the fused medicinal liquid to Mu Ru Yue even though he had used all of his might. However, Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything. She just gave him a mountain of medicinal plants again but limited the time to two days…

Hai Wei still had suspicion over Mu Ru Yue’s might this time. However, his expression changed after three days.

It was no longer forced respect but whole-heartedly respecting her instead.

Hai Wei could feel that his control over the fusion of medicinal plants had improved greatly within these three days. He at least had the confidence of having more than eighty-five percent fusion rate when refining pills that were lower than his current alchemy rank…

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