EAA Chapter 1159


Chapter 1159-  Break Through Again Part 2

Logically speaking, a God Foundation Pill wasn’t enough to make him be shocked.

‘My disciple had broken through to the General Stage Peak Rank several years ago after all. Currently, he is still rapidly improving his alchemy skills. Moreover, there are countless youthful talented alchemist within God realm.

‘But it shouldn’t be forgotten that her pill’s fusion and diffusion rates are at one hundred percent! Those kinds of rates aren’t what I can reach!’

Tong Xuan took in a deep breath before he asked with a serious expression, “This lady, I wonder if you are willing to be my disciple.”


“I am sorry.” Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before she continued, “I already have a master. Even though he isn’t at this place, I don’t intend to have other masters except him. Therefore, I can’t accept your offer.”

Tong Xuan felt it was a pity upon hearing that.

‘I really intend to recruit her as my disciple. But I can’t force her despite her circumstances nor can I cripple her to forcefully obtain her, right?

‘If Lord Wu Wang was still living, he probably would be angered to death if he saw me doing that.’

“It is truly a pity.” Tong Xuan sighed. Glimmers danced in his eyes, suddenly thinking about something. He chuckled as he asked, “Lady, I have a request. I don’t know if you will be willing to accept or not.”

“What is it?”

“It is like this. Your fusion and diffusion rates are incredibly powerful. I am hoping for my disciple to temporarily assist you. You can instruct him to do whatever odd jobs you have. But please give him some pointers in your free time.”

Tong Xuan instigated to Hai Wei using his eyes when he said that.

Hai Wei momentarily came back to his senses as he hastily walked toward Mu Ru Yue. He said respectfully, “Grandmaster, please let me stay. It will suffice for me in just assisting you.”

“Mu Er.”

When Mu Ru Yue wanted to reject, a man’s charming voice was heard from her side, “Since he wanted to follow you, let him stay.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered when she heard that. But she understood that Ye Wu Chen must have a reason for saying that. Thus, she didn’t reject their request.

“Alright, I can let him stay.”

“That’s perfect!”

Tong Xuan’s eyes lit up. A candid smile was displayed on his gloomy elderly face.

‘As long as Hai Wei stays, not only can he learn some knowledge that even I don’t know from her, he can, more importantly, forge a connection with her. If God Sect has a crisis in the future, perhaps they may need her help…’

“Hai Wei, master has to leave for some time. You are to stay and help out in the Region Head manor during that period.” Tong Xuan glared at him before he warned, “Remember to listen to Lady Mu’s orders!”

“Master, don’t worry. Your disciple won’t let you down!”

A glimmer flickered past Hai Wei’s eyes as he chuckled confidently.

“Alright.” Tong Xuan patted Hai Wei’s shoulder. He gave Mu Ru Yue a last glance before he said, “I will pass my disciple over to the lady. Please feel free to beat and scold him. He is the type of person that won’t be obedient unless you give him a little beating.”


Resent was expressed in Hai Wei’s eyes.

‘Is this old man my master? He actually allows other people to beat me, his own disciple…’

Tong Xuan shot a warning glance at Hai Wei. He no longer said further, turning around and quickly disappearing into the sunlight outside the courtyard.

“Kong Fan, escort him to his living quarters.”


Kong Fan cupped his fists as he said, “Lord Hai Wei, please follow me.”

“I will be troubling you.” Hai Wei swung his sleeves downward before following Kong Fan, heading to the guest rooms. They disappeared under the sunlight in a blink of an eye…

“Wu Chen.”

Mu Ru Yue slightly withdrew her gaze to look at the man’s handsome and charming face. With a raise of her brow, she asked, “Why did you want to let him stay?”

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