EAA Chapter 1156


Chapter 1156 – Alchemy Pill Auction Part 9

“That’s right, this is the God Foundation Pill that I had purchased with Ten High Rank Spiritual Stones!”


Hai Wei nearly leaped to his feet before he said sourly, “Master, have you gone nuts to buy a God Foundation Pill with Ten High Rank Spiritual Stones?! If you want God Foundation Pill, why don’t you refine it yourself? Why did you spend such a lofty price to get it?”

‘The old man must have lost his mind! It isn’t Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones but is High Rank Spiritual Stones. He has wasted all ten High Rank Spiritual Stones.’


Hai Wei’s heart ached terribly…

“You take a closer look at it.” The grey-robed elder swept a glance at his disciple before he replied calmly.


Hai Wei was a little stunned. He placed the pill beneath his nose and smelt it before sticking out his tongue to lick it lightly. Suddenly, he seemed to have felt something making him widen his eyes.

“A hundred person fusion rate? My heavens, this is my first time seeing a person that could fuse all of the medicinal plants perfectly. Even the rate of diffusion of the pill is incredibly high. It can be said that once this pill enters the mouth, it can instantly be absorbed by the body…”

Hai Wei was greatly shocked.

‘It’s no wonder why Master purchased this pill! It is due to its fusion and diffusion rates are at a hundred percent. Even the God Foundation Pill Master refines couldn’t reach such rates!’

“That’s right, I felt it the moment I looked at this pill.”

The elder nodded as he said, “I only know a person that could refine such pills in this world.”


“A peerless expert from a thousand years ago, the founder of God Sect, Wu Wang!”

Reverence filled his eyes when he said that.

This was the first time Hai Wei saw his master having such an expression…

It was as though the person he just mentioned was a god he wanted to worship.

“But, hadn’t Lord Wu Wang already stopped existing since a thousand years ago?”

The elder’s eyes darkened as he said with a sneer, “He was set up by people of Dan family that year! However, with just the might of the Dan family, they shouldn’t have been able to kill him so there must be a mole within our God Sect. But this matter has already occurred about a thousand years ago, unable to investigate further on it! But it’s fortunate that Lady Zi Yu (son fish) has taken charge of God Sect, allowing God Sect to not fall to be a mediocre power. But even if that is the case, God Sect’s influential power has dropped tremendously with the absence of Head Sect Wu Wang. The God Sect is even unable to be comparable with the Dan family now…”

The God Sect that year similarly got well-known via pills. It was due to Wu Wang’s existence that God Sect became the most powerful influential power in the God realm. But now, God Sect had already been overtaken by Dan family…

“Disciple, if we can let her join my God Sect, perhaps God Sect will regain its former glory. Lord Wu Wang will also feel gratified from heaven in that case.”

The elder became silent upon saying that. A glimmer flashed past his eyes…

But when the master and disciple was considering how to rope in the Region Head Manor, there was a woman with white waterfall-like hair using her thin fingers to caress a man’s face that was sleeping calmly laying inside a coffin in a hidden room within God Sect where nobody knew about it. She had a slight smile on her face.

The woman looked extremely youthful. Her appearance was in a rather good condition. It was smooth and exquisite. Her skin was so tender that it seemed to be able to be broken by being blown at; there weren’t any flaws on her face. However, it was only after the omission of her white hair.

“Wu Wang…”

Her finger caressed his handsome face. Zhu Zi Yu (son fish)’s gaze became absent-minded as she commented, “It already has been a thousand years… I didn’t expect a thousand years to past so quickly. You have finally quietly accompanied me for a thousand years now…”

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