EAA Chapter 1155


Chapter 1155 – Alchemy Pill Auction Part 8

‘If she could just take out Breaking General Pill and General Spiritual Pill, I won’t suspect the credibility of her pill despite my shock. But how can she possess an item such as a God Foundation Pill? She must be using an underhanded move to earn money…’

“Is that God Foundation Pill really fake?”

“I-it can’t really be what he said right?”

The crowd whispered to the person beside them upon hearing that, discussing…


“Fake?” The elder smiled sinisterly. He replied in a sinister cold voice that seemed to have originated from hell, “It can’t be that this old man is unable to decipher the credibility of the pill, right?”

“Senior,” Yin Hua’s expression turned gloomy as he said, “I was just advising you out of goodwill. This Region Head Manor can do anything for profits, even snatching others’ ore veins. Currently, she can totally use a General Stage Low Rank Pill to substitute a peak rank pill today!”


Suddenly, a snigger was heard as she rebuked, “Snatching others’ ore veins? Head of Yin family, if I haven’t remembered wrong, it seems it is your people that wanted to snatch her ore vein but was chased away by her subordinate in the end. Is that right?”

Qiu Mei smirked alluringly but disdain was revealed from her pretty eyes.

There were several materialistic people within God Realm.

If Mu Ru Yue didn’t have sufficient power on her hands, Qiu Mei might not speak out for her. But since she possessed a General Stage Peak Rank Alchemist, she must place importance on her…

But nobody would have thought the mysterious alchemists in their eyes was Mu Ru Yue herself.

“Qiu Mei!” Yin Hua’s expression changed drastically as he asked with gritted teeth, “Are you going against me?”

“No!” Qiu Mei shook her head. She blinked her beautiful eyes and continued, “I was just speaking the truth. Head of Yin family, are you not admitting what you have done?”


Yin Hua’s complexion turned ashen out of anger.

Just when he wanted to say something, the grey-robed elder moved in a flash before Kong Fan. He extended his twig-like hand as he said coldly, “Can you give me the pill?”


Kong Fan suddenly got back to his senses, placing the pill in the elder’s hand.

The elder left the venue after taking the pill. However, he halted his steps for a moment when walking past Yin Hua. He said to him, “Don’t use your ignorance as a reason to be brazen! You’ve got to know there are countless experts in this large continent! Furthermore, you aren’t a person that can dominate the entire world!”

‘There was a person that could dominate the entire world a thousand years ago…

‘It’s a pity that person fell for other people’s scheme, disappearing from the eyes of the crowd of God Realm. Nobody knows his location even after so many years…’

“I don’t know why this old man gives me a really strange feeling.” Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked at the direction where the elder left the room.

The elder seemed to have felt her gaze, halting his steps. He turned his head to look at a woman at a side. He frowned but still left without turning back his head in the end…

“Master, you’re back!”

Just when a grey-robed elder walked into a manor with a luxurious grandeur, a handsome, tall and straight figure quickly walked before him blocking the elder’s path.

“I’ve gone to check out a Pill Auction and gotten quite a big harvest. Look at this item…”

He raised his hand upon saying that. A pill instantly appeared within the palm of his elderly hand.

“I-is that God Foundation Pill?” Hai Wei (sea might) was stunned for a moment as he looked astonished at the elder’s face.

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