EAA Chapter 1154


Chapter 1154 – Alchemy Pill Auction Part 7

High Rank Spiritual Stones were scarce within God realm. Several people would choose to hide the High Rank Spiritual Stones once they obtained it. Who could be willing to change the High Rank Spiritual Stone into a Million Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones?

Therefore, even though a Million Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones were equivalent to a High Rank Spiritual Stone it would be too troublesome absorbing it. Thus, Wen Hao was willing to bid a Million Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones to get three General Spiritual Pills…

Qiu Mei’s complexion turned a little pale as she glanced at Wen Hao before she commented with a charming smile, “The Wen family is really wealthy to be able to take out a Million Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones! I concede defeat this time!”

“You’ve let me win.” Wen Hao cupped his fight with a slight smirk.



Kong Fan’s hammer landed again. With a beaming smile, he said, “Congratulations to Mister Wen in obtaining five General Spiritual Pills. It will be the last auction item after this round! The starting price for this auction item will be at Hundred Thousand Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones this time!”

“Hundred Thousand Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones?”

The crowd looked at each other upon hearing that. But there was an unconcealable shock in their eyes.

The previous General Spiritual Pill starting price was only at Fifty Thousand Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones. Yet, this time the starting bid was a hundred thousand? Could it be the pill was better than the General Spiritual Pill?

“Manager Kong, please stop teasing us.” Qiu Mei covered her lips and giggled before she continued, “Quickly tell us what is the last auction item!”

“Hehe!” Kong Fan chuckled before he revealed, “There will be only a pill for the last item of this auction. But this pill is the God Foundation Pill that will enable the consumer to break through from the God-general Peak realm to the God-king realm!”

Only a General Stage Peak Rank Alchemist could refine a God Foundation Pill. Could it be the Region Head Region possesses a General Stage Peak Rank Alchemist?

The crowd’s heart shuddered. Claps of thunder seemed to have rolled over their hearts, unable to squeak out a single word for a moment…

“God Foundation Pill? This is impossible!”

Yin Hua’s complexion turned gravely pale, void of rosiness. His lips were trembling slightly.

‘Can there really be a General Stage Peak Rank Alchemist within the Region Head Manor?

‘How can this be not shocking?’

“Everyone, you can start calling your bids.”

Kong Fan announced with a smile.

Qiu Mei snapped out from her initial shock upon hearing that. She glanced at Wen Hao with a slight smile.

‘Wen Hao had already spent too many Spiritual Stones already for the General Spiritual Pill. He won’t be able to afford the God Foundation Pill even if he desires it. Therefore, this God Foundation Pill will surely be mine…’

Just when she wanted to bid, an elderly voice was heard from within the group.

“I will bid Ten High Rank Spiritual Stones!”


Clamours rose from the crowd at this instant. Everyone’s gaze shifted to the elder that was sitting right at the center of the crowd…

The elder was dressed in grey robes. He wore a conical bamboo hat, covering his appearance. His voice was hoarse but heavy and low, carrying a slightly sinister vibe.

“Who is this old man?” Qiu Mei’s brows creased momentarily.

‘The God Foundation Pill is indeed precious but it doesn’t worth Ten High Rank Spiritual Stones. Yet, this old man tossed out such a lofty price! His voice didn’t even change a little.’

“This senior.” Yin Hua stood up and glanced coldly at Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen who was sitting on the ground. He sniggered before he persuaded, “I don’t know if this is my place to say this but the Region Head of Region Head Manor is a disciple of God Academy. Moreover, she doesn’t have much cultivation. Who knows the credibility of that God Foundation Pill she had taken out? Senior, you shouldn’t be deceived…”

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