EAA Chapter 1153


Chapter 1153 – Alchemy Pill Auction Part 6

“One Hundred and Ten Thousand!”

Qiu Mei sniggered with a cold smile as she swept a disdainful gaze at Yin Hua’s face.


Clamours instantly arose from the crowd. Everyone had gotten a shock.


“It’s no wonder why alchemist held such a high position in the world. It is due to the cost of pills! It is just ten pills. Yet, they cost One Hundred and Ten Thousand Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones!”

“The price for this auction round is even more than the first! It seems the Yin family can’t triumph over Qiu Mei!”

The crowd looked toward each other before turning their heads to look at the crowd before them.

“Hmph!” Yin Hua’s complexion darkened. He snorted coldly before he said, “Lady Qiu Mei, I won’t fight with you this time. I will let you have them.”

‘Currently, Qiu Mei and Wen Hao have already gotten pills. There shouldn’t be anyone competing against me in the next round. Since so, why should I spend such a lofty sum of money now?’

Qiu Mei smiled alluringly as she replied, “I will thank the head of the Yin family for letting me have them then.”

Even though she said that, how could the people here not know that the Yin family don’t have the might to compete financially with Qiu Mei?’

“One Hundred and Ten Thousand going once! One Hundred and Ten Thousand going twice! One Hundred and Ten Thousand going thrice!”


Once the hammer landed, Kong Fan smiled with satisfaction as he said, “It seems the pills will go to Lady Qiu Mei this time round. Let’s carry on to the next auction round!”

He took a jade bottle from a person beside him after saying that. He said with a smile, “Following this, we will be auctioning General Stage High Rank General Spiritual Pill. It can enable the consumer to breakthrough from the God-general High realm to the God-general Peak realm. However, there is only a total of five such pills. Moreover, it will be auctioned as a whole. In other words, only one influential power out of the many influential power will be able to obtain five of the pill! The starting bid for this auction round will be Fifty Thousand Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones!”

‘General Spiritual Pill?’

Those three words were akin to a heavy hammer smashing hard on the crowd’s heart. They widened their eyes in disbelief as they focused their gazes on the jade bottle in Kong Fan’s hand.

Yin Hua’s complexion turned gravely pill. He originally thought the next auction would still be the Breaking General Pill. The other two wouldn’t fight with him over them in that case.

It was unexpected to him that it would be a higher ranked General Spiritual Pill. Furthermore, there would only be a chance in getting them…

Wen Hao swept a gaze at both of them before smirking lightly and said, “One Hundred Thousand!”

The crowd was stirred up once again after they heard his bid.

The starting bid for this round of auction had reached the final bid for the first auction item at a go. How could it not be shocking?

“Mister Wen, there is only a chance in getting it so I can’t let you have them this time.”

Qiu Mei smiled charmingly and with an amorous gaze, she shouted, “Two Hundred Thousand Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones!”

“Three Hundred Thousand!”

The crowd hearts shuddered as they heard the gradually climbing bids. It was especially so for some small influential power. There was even a kind of speechlessness about this.

It got to be known that they wouldn’t be able to earn Three Hundred Thousand Elementary Spiritual Stones in their entire lives…

“Three Hundred Thousand and Ten Thousand!” Yin Hua wiped away the sweat on his forehead before he bade with gritted teeth.

“Four Hundred Thousand!”

Wen Hao swept a glance at him but his expression didn’t change at all.

‘Six Hundred Thousand!” Qiu Ye’s smile gradually diminished as her expression slowly became serious.

However, her voice was quickly suppressed by Wen Hao shortly.

“A million.”


That voice was like an explosion to the crowd, creating an uproar…

Everyone was scared witless to the point they suspected they had hearing problems.

A Million Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones was equivalent to a High Rank Spiritual Stone! A High Rank Spiritual Stone could enable the practitioner to breakthrough directly from the God-general Peak realm to the God-king realm.

However, even though a High Rank Spiritual Stone was equivalent to a Million Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones, it didn’t represent that the Million Elementary Rank Spiritual Stones could be exchanged for a High Rank Spiritual Stone…

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