EAA Chapter 1152


Chapter 1152 – Alchemy Pill Auction Part 5

Ten Thousand Elementary Spiritual Stones were equivalent to a Hundred Mid Rank Spiritual Stones. It wasn’t a small amount to them, but it was worth it in getting ten God-general High realm practitioners in exchange…

Qiu Mei smiled alluringly as she gave in, “Mister Wen, I shall let you have those pills on behalf of our usual good interactions with each other. I hope you can pay visits to my brothel. I will let my lead prostitute take good care of you.”

Cough! Cough!” Wen Hao coughed dryly, nearly choking on his saliva. With a trace of awkwardness that flickered past his face, he said, “Lady Qiu Mei should know I don’t go to those places.”

Hehe!” Qiu Mei covered her lips and laugh before continuing, “Little Brother Wen Hao is still as adorable. Elder sister was just kidding with you. Why do you need to take it so seriously? Manager Kong, I wonder if we can carry on the auction?”


Mu Ru Yue raised her brow slightly from within the crowd, surveying the few large influential power fighting among themselves.

It was due to the presence of those three influential power that people who failed to report their bids in time to be frightened by their biddings…

“Wu Chen, who do you think will obtain the next ten pills?”

Ye Wu Chen smirked as he replied, “Qiu Mei.”


“It’s really simple. It was clear Qiu Mei wasn’t going all out during her initial bid. Her expression didn’t fluctuate in the slightest. On the other hand, Yin Hua was profusely sweating cold sweat. It was obvious he wasn’t doing as financially well as the other two influential power. As for the Wen family, he has already obtained ten pills. If he continues to bid, it will be the same as offending the other two influential power.”

“That’s right,” Mu Ru Yue chuckled as she continued, “The next ten Breaking General Pill will surely enter Qiu Mei’s hands! Moreover, I don’t plan on letting the Yin family obtain any pills this time!”

The auction started again as they were discussing.

“Congratulations to Young Master Wen in obtaining ten Breaking General Pill. The starting bid for the next ten Breaking General Pill is Ten Thousand Elementary Spiritual Pill as usual. You are free to start calling your bids now!”


Yin Hua’s expression changed instantly as he couldn’t help but shriek, “How can your Region Head Manor still have ten more Breaking General Pill?”

‘T-this is impossible!’

His body shuddered, unable to accept what was happening before him.

“Didn’t the head of the Yin family said the Region Head Manor at most only have a Heaven Stage Alchemist? Why are they able to continuously take out General Stage pills? Moreover, it is even the Breaking General Pill!”

The crowd was discussing at this moment, casting questioning and mockery gazes at Yin Hua. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to squeeze into the seam of the ground…

“Fifty Thousand Spiritual Stones!” Qiu Mei swept a gaze at the gravely paled Yin Hua before she smiled alluringly.

Nonetheless, there was contempt within her pair of beautiful eyes.

“Head of the Yin family, I wonder if you will be fighting over with me for the pills. But I remember you initially looked down upon this Region Head Manor!”

Yin Hua’s complexion turned increasingly gravely pale. He clenched his fists tightly as he sneered and replied, “I had indeed looked down upon this Region Head Manor but so what? Haven’t all of you also belittled her from the start? Moreover, everyone loves profits. As long as I give her enough bids, she won’t mind whatever I said previously!”

He paused for a moment after saying that. With a sneer, he bade, “I bid Seventy Thousand Elementary Spiritual Stones!”

‘That’s right, she probably won’t give up anything for the profits that is near to grasp even if it is to kill her parents as long as I give her enough profits…’

Yin Hua smirked cynically upon thinking about that, sneering at Mu Ru Yue.

‘I must get my hands on those pills no matter what…’

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