EAA Chapter 1147


Chapter 1147 – Fire Phoenix’s Return Part 5


A middle-aged man slammed his hand on the table within the hall. With his face turned ashen, he complained, “Lord Region Head, is this how you treat your guests? You don’t even have a teapot!”

Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at the man that said that.

Kong Fan seemed to know what she was thinking so he whispered to her, “This fellow is the head of the Yin family, Yin Hua (hospitable splendid). The largest weaponry within the Nanyang region is owned by the Yin family! Therefore, he has a rather prideful personality. Of course, he has the qualification to be prideful.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded after hearing that. She shifted her gaze to Yin Hua and said indifferently, “Head of the Yin family, you can see that our Region Head manor is worn-down to such a standard. We don’t have such an expensive good such as tea leaves…”

If Li Sha was here and listened to Mu Ru Yue’s words, she would certainly snort.

If she, who could casually toss out sixty Mid Rank Spiritual Stones, was poor, would there still be any rich people in the world?


There was a most eye-catching red-robed woman within the crowd. She covered her lips and giggled before she commented with a flirtatious gaze, “You’re really an interesting little girl. I wonder if little sister has time to spare to accompany elder sister?”

When Kong Fan swept a gaze at the red-robed woman, his expression of disgust was as though he had swallowed a housefly. He neared Mu Ru Yue’s ear again and whispered, “This woman is the leader of the underworld in the Nanyang Region. She has control over gambling dens, prostitution, and various assassin organisation! She is a really remarkable person but… she has a fetish. She dislikes man but loves woman instead. Region head, it is advisable for you to not associate much with her.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow and replied calmly, “I understand. What about the rest?” Introduce all of them to me.”


Kong Fan had noticed the change of attitude of the Wang Ba Brothers group toward her. Hence, he had more reverence toward the new Region Head.

“Have you noticed that really skinny, gentle, and quiet-looking man? He is actually the young master of the Wen family, Wen Hao (culture grand). He had been governing the Wen family ever since the head of the Wen family was bed-ridden. He looks youthful, but he has his way of doing things. The Wen family has become stronger than it was in the past under his governance. The Wen family is known for its medicinal plants. If Region Head needs something, you can trade with him.

Mu Ru Yue turned her head to look at Wen Hao. When he received her gaze, he smiled at her indicating friendliness.

However, she understood that for the Wen family to flourish to such an extent. That man wasn’t as gentle as his appearance…

“There isn’t much to say about the rest. The most important influential factions in Nanyang Region are those three that have influential power in balance with each other.”

Kong Fan frowned tightly. He was a little worried as he didn’t know if the Region Head would be able to deal with those three influential power…

“Region Head, quickly tell us the reason for inviting us over. Is it to beg for your life? Hahaha! It’s a pity I won’t have mercy on you unless you scram out of the Nanyang Region!”

Yin Hua laughed heartily as he looked cynically at Mu Ru Yue.

Mu Ru Yue gradually stood up and said at her own pace, “I invited all of you over to make you aware of a matter. Our Region Head manor will be hosting an alchemy pill auction in half a month. I hope to see you there at that time!”

“Alchemy pill auction?” Yin Hua was stunned for a moment before he laughed brazenly and mocked, “Region Head, are you kidding? It can’t be you are trying to auction Heaven Stage pills, right? Those kinds of pills don’t have any effects on us deities. Hahaha!”

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