EAA Chapter 1143


Chapter 1143 – Fire Phoenix’s Return Part 1

When Mu Ru Yue just woke up the next day, Kong Fan delivered the information of all the influential power in the Nanyang region.

Mu Ru Yue flipped through all of the information. She subconsciously frowned a little. She placed the information before Kong Fan before she ordered indifferently, “Send out an invitation to all these influential power saying that we, the Region Head manor, is inviting them for a visit in three days.”

Kong Fan was stunned for a moment upon hearing that. He asked, puzzled, “I don’t think that will be a good idea. Those influential power has high eyesight. If we invite them over, who knows what kind of commotion will occur.”

Mu Ru Yue indifferently swept a gaze at Kong Fan and said, “Don’t forget that I am the Region Head for this place. Thus, you are to immediately do as you’re told.”


Kong Fan sighed helplessly before he replied, “Understood, Lord Region Head. I will immediately implement your orders…”

He cupped his fists toward Mu Ru Yue upon saying that before retreating.

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly upon seeing the crowd’s disappearing figure. She swept a gaze at the Wang family’s brothers before she said coldly, “The two of you are to come to find me in my room in two days!”

‘Since I’ve come to the Nanyang region, the first thing I must do is to increase my subordinates’ might…’

She then turned around to head to her room after saying that, quickly vanishing from everyone’s gaze…

Two days later.

Wang Shu said carefully within the courtyard, “Eldest brother, what do you think is the reason for the Chief to find us?”

Ever since the Ba Wang bandit group was taken over and had even had a name change to be Wang Ba Mercenary group, Wang Shu called Wang Hai eldest brother.

This was due to them having that person as their current chief…

“How should I know?” Wang Hai glared at Wang Shu snappily as he continued, “No matter what, we can’t just ignore chief’s order.” 

“Eldest brother.”

Wang Shu subconsciously hid behind Wang Hai before he said timidly, “Then you open the door first…”

“Coward!” Wang Hai glared at Wang Shu. Yet, even though he said that, his hands that pushed open the door were trembling uncontrollably…


An entire room of alchemy pills entered their sight the moment the room’s door was opened. Moreover, they were giving off a refreshing scent.

The two brothers were stunned when they looked at Mu Ru Yue who was sitting at the centre of the alchemy bottles. They then looked toward each other. They could see the shock in both of their eyes.

“Chief, what are you doing here?”

Wang Hai swallowed his saliva.

‘Can it be Chief is an alchemist?’

“The two of you have come?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow.


A jade bottle was tossed toward the Wang family’s brothers.

“You are to consume the alchemy pill within that bottle!


The Wang family’s brothers looked at each other before hastily turning their heads to look at Mu Ru Yue. They pleaded pitifully, “Chief, we haven’t done anything wrong. Can we please don’t consume this alchemy pill?”

‘It must be poison within this jade bottle, judging by this woman’s savageness!’

“Consume it!” Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened slowly as she threatened, “Don’t make me say it for the third time.”

The Wang family’s brothers cried without tears but they didn’t dare to oppose Mu Ru Yue. They took out the alchemy pill and consumed it. A mighty power rose from their bodies at that instant, breaking through from the God-general Peak realm to the God-king realm…

The two of them still couldn’t come back to their senses after that force dissipated…

‘Wha-what’s going on?’

Wang Hao looked astonished at Mu Ru Yue. A sudden clap of thunder struck at the bottom of his heart.

‘Has this woman helped us make a breakthrough?

‘The only pill that can assist a God-general Peak realm practitioner to breakthrough will be only General Stage Peak Rank pill…’

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