EAA Chapter 1140


Chapter 1140 – Sealed Grounds Part 5

The little fella known was Wang Shu rubbed the back of his head before he suggested, “Chief, how about heading to the hall first before continuing to chat?”

“Then quickly bring them along.”

The robust man brandished his hand, shaking his head and sighed.

‘Such an outstanding beauty turned out to be a fool. It’s truly a pity…’


Mu Ru Yue was able to clearly know that the lean and petite youth was called Wang Shu while the robust man was Wang Ba Bandit Group’s Chief, Wang Hai (king sea). They were blood brothers, but their appearance was greatly different.

Wang Hai, who was beaming, was discussing with Wang Shu that was at his side within the hall.

“These two people don’t seem to be ordinary. It is especially so for that man with purple eyes. It seems to be a nobleman. How much ransom shall we ask from the subordinates for these two people?”

“Ten thousand Gold coins?”

Wang Shu extended a finger as he suggested conservatively.


Wang Hai’s fist landed on his head as he rebuked fiercely, “Are you a fool? These twi people seem to be rich nobleman and lady. How can ten thousand Gold coins suffice? We will demand at least want a hundred thousand gold coins. No! A million Gold coins instead. We will judge by situation at that time. If possible, we will demand for spiritual stones instead! No matter what, spiritual stones that can help in improving cultivation is much better than gold coins. With might, we can rob even more people.”

“Chief, you are more ambitious than me.”

Wang Shu gave a thumbs-up as he replied in awe.

“You just need to learn from me from now on!”

Wang Ba raised his head complacently upon being complimented before saying in a tutoring tone. 

When the two of them were happily discussing about the ransom, an indifferent voice was heard from their side. “How can a million Gold coins be enough? How about I give the two of you a billion instead?”

“That’s wonderful!”

Wang Hai nodded as he subconsciously turned his head to face the person that said that. He got a shock. His heart nearly leaped out from his chest…

“Ar-aren’t you supposed to be tied up?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly as she said, “What do you think?”


Just when Wang Hai wanted to say something, a sinister cold aura pressured from in front of him, making him feel as if he had fallen into hell…

He raised his head in astonishment; his eyes instantly met with a pair of sinister purple eyes.

The man’s eyes was so gloomy that it was terrifying. A really long shadow could be seen from his slender and tall figure under the sunlight. It was indeed that sinister and terrifying…

“How can mere ropes be able to tie us couple up?”

Ye Wu Chen smiled but his gaze looked down upon the brothers before him.


A sinister cold aura spread outwards from him, circling within the entire hall…

“I can give the two of you a chance. One, you surrender willingly!”

Wang Shu’s body shivered from fright as he asked timidly, “What is the second?”

“The second…” Ye Wu Chen’s brow raised slightly as he said sinisterly, “will be to be beaten to submission!”


Wang Shu knelt to the ground as he shrieked, “Wh-who are you people?”

This man’s cultivation was similarly at the God-general Peak realm as them. Yet, it was obscure why the Wang family’s brothers felt they weren’t his match…

Mu Ru Yue smiled and said, “This is my first time coming to the North Wind Plains. I don’t have any subordinates to help me do odd jobs. I find I’ve good predestined affinity with your Wang Ba Bandit Group. Thus, I wonder if you will be willing to be my subordinates.”

“It is Ba Wang Bandit Group.” Wang Shu rebuked weakly as he continued, “Moreover, we are bandits. How can we do odd jobs? I definitely won’t do it…”

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