EAA Chapter 114


Chapter 114 – Completely Scrapped


Mu Ru Yue lifted her hand to block his sword before viciously kicking at Ling Ye’s groin. Ling Ye didn’t expect she would use such an underhanded move, so his groin had been successfully attacked by her due to his inability to guard it in time.

The strength of that kick wasn’t the same as Feng Jing Tian’s, as she had used her full force this time. Following that, a heart wrenching yell rang out throughout the street.

When the others saw this scene, they subconsciously closed their legs as they looked in shock at the beautiful young girl. A trace of a cold chill instantly infiltrated their hearts.


Wasn’t this too vicious?

With that kick, the man should be completely scrapped. Who didn’t know that the groin was the weakest part of a man?

“Stinky brat!” Ling Ye’s entire body quivered as he viciously glared at Mu Ru Yue. With gritted teeth, he exclaimed, “I will kill you! No! I will cut you up into countless pieces!”

Otherwise, how could he appease the flames in his heart?

Ling Ye had a feeling that because of this girl’s kick, that part of his would be useless. This would also mean that his legacy was over.

“I will chop you into countless pieces. I definitely will! Go and die!” Ling Ye’s eyes turned completely bloodshot as he shouted at the top of his lungs.

At this moment, his entire body gave off a tyrannical aura as he gathered his power into his sword before rapidly moving in a flash toward Mu Ru Yue.

That sword of his carried an earth-shattering force behind it. Mu Ru Yue immediately placed her sword horizontally across her chest to block that devastating strike.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from Mu Ru Yue’s mouth. She rapidly retreated backwards. With a trail of blood still flowing from the corner of her mouth, her gaze didn’t express even a hint of fear as she looked indifferently at the rampaging Ling Ye.

Ye Wu Chen moved in a flash to stand in front of Mu Ru Yue. With pain in his eyes, he asked, “Why are you doing this to yourself? You should just leave that trash to me.”

“Get out of the way!”

Mu Ru Yue pushed Ye Wu Chen to the side. She took out a bottle of pills and chugged it once she got up from the ground. Her initial pale face gradually recovered its rosiness.

“I have said this before; this battle is mine. I definitely wouldn’t have agreed to it if I didn’t have any possibility of winning. You just have to watch on from the side. I’m not a person that doesn’t cherish my life. In contrast, I need to cherish it more than anybody else.”

Ye Wu Chen focused on the young girl’s resolute expression. Along with pain being expressed from his eyes, there was also tenderness.

This was the girl that had entered his eyes. She was so strong and not feeble. It could be said that she didn’t resemble a girl at all, but it was precisely this that made people cherish her more.

Mu Ru Yue no longer looked at Ye Wu Chen as she went to receive Ling Ye’s attack once again.

Ye Wu Chen seemed to realised something after a while. His gaze became slightly more collected. “She had intentionally enraged that man in order to make him burst out with more power and drastically decrease his energy. Once he runs out of energy, he would just end up as sheep offered up for slaughter. But this method was just….”

Using life as a betting chip!

What she said was right. Mu Ru Yue knew of the disparity in strength between her and Ling Ye, so she wanted to make him completely waste his energy. The enraged Ling Ye wouldn’t be able to catch even a whiff of her plan.

“Dirty slut, die for me!”

Ling Ye was completely crazed. This dirty slut had the guts to kick the most precious part of his body. He must chop her into countless pieces!

The continuous slashes of wind coming from his sword struck violently towards Mu Ru Yue with the ferocity of enraged tigers. Mu Ru Yue constantly felt as though something was savagely ramming against her internal organs, so she immediately took out some more pills and consumed them.

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  2. What I don’t get is that people think of a groin attack on a man as something horrible but never consider that it would be just as painful for a woman and possibly more dangerous, the only thing is that a man has a bigger attack surface.
    I mean unless you hit hard enough to break the pelvis (or worse) there is almost no chance of the gonads be crushed or otherwise permanently damaged. But a woman has always a chance of the area between the vagina and anus to tear if hit hard enough in addition of the pain that makes people go cross-eyed.

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