EAA Chapter 1137


Chapter 1137 – Sealed Grounds Part 2

“Alright, I accept.”

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly.

‘I coincidentally need a place to cultivate now. Hence, I naturally will agree…’

“This is the academy’s writ tablet. With it, you will be able to successfully take office.” Zhou Min sniggered, tossing a writ tablet into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace. She said coldly, “On another note, there will be a final examination for disciples of the academy in a year’s time. You must participate in it. Otherwise, you will be treated as giving up the exam. You will then be expelled from the academy!”


Mu Ru Yue raised her hand to catch the writ tablet. She headed out of the office without turning her head back, quickly disappearing from Zhou Min’s sight…

“How is it?”

Ye Wu Chen greeted Mu Ru Yue the instant the left the office and asked, “Did she put you on the spot?”

“It’s fine.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she revealed with smiles, “But Elder Zhou Min had given me a task. She wants me to take office at the North Wind Plains. I will create my influential power at the North Wind Plains at that time!”

‘Since there’s such a great opportunity, how can I let it slip away?

‘I really need to thank Xiao Yu this time. That sealed ground is currently what I need the most…’

“I will accompany you.”

Ye Wu Chen’s lips formed a line. With a gentle gaze, he said, “I will worry if you’re alone.”

“Alright, I will first make a trip back to the dormitory to bid them farewell. We will meet up at the entrance of the academy at that time.”

There weren’t many rules in the God Academy. Disciples were free to leave the academy at any time but they must return before the exam.

Therefore, even if Ye Wu Chen disappeared for a year, there wouldn’t be anyone that will seek trouble with him…

Mu Ru Yue returned to the dormitory after they separated. When the crowd heard she was heading to the North Wind Plains, they immediately leapt to their feet.

“Yue Er, you can’t go there!” Qian Ye was anxious as she explained, “Do you know what kind of place the North Wind Plains is? Even though the North Wind Plains is a sealed ground of the academy, it is too chaotic at that place. Powerful influence factions littered those grounds. Those people won’t take orders from disciples of the academy! There were some disciples that died under the might of those influential power. Even the academy can’t control the North Wind Plains. Yet, they are sending you there by yourself. It’s easy to tell what those people are plotting. They are clearly trying to take your life!”

“That’s right! Yue Er!” Li Sha hastily grasped Mu Ru Yue’s hand as she said, concerned, “What Qian Ye said is right. The North Wind Plains is too dangerous. There are several bandits and robbers at that place. If you head there, you will face a lot of dangers…”

Even though Li Sha didn’t say anything, her gaze similarly revealed disapprovals and worries.

They didn’t expect Xiao Yu would use such a method to deal with Mu Ru Yue. She could deal with Mu Ru Yue without leaving any information that could be used against her…

“How can I mature without taking risks?” Mu Ru Yue smiled, objecting their stand. “Perhaps this may be an opportunity.”

Yi Lian’s heart shuddered as she raised her gaze, staring at the impeccable beauty before her.


When Li Sha still wanted to persuade Mu Ru Yue, she was stopped by Yi Lian.

“Li Sha, what Yue Er says is right. When one doesn’t know what will be going to happen in the future, nobody will know if those dangers may be an opportunity. Many experts are able to turn their dangers into opportunities, rapidly improving their might. I believe she will be able to do the same as well…”

Even though their interaction wasn’t long, Yi Lian had an obscure belief that with Mu Ru Yue’s ability, she wouldn’t place herself in danger…

 “I will leave you all some pills. I hope you will similarly have great improvements in a year’s time.”

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