EAA Chapter 1135


Chapter 1135- Challenge Part 6

“Of course!”

Wan Zi Heng’s brow rose. He then said, brimming with confidence, “She isn’t an ordinary woman that only have good looks. Only that kind of woman is compatible with me! I must succeed in courting her! Ye Wu Chen, what do you think my chances are?”

Wan Zi Heng looked at the man standing next to the window when he said that.

Purple robes fluttered along with the wind. The man had his hands behind his back. The sunlight enveloped his slender and upright figure, looking into the far distant. It was hard to determine if such a scene was a hallucination or reality.


He didn’t say anything. He moved in a flash, vanishing from within the room…

“I wonder what identity that fella has. Why does he seem so mysterious daily? He even dared to separate from the team during the entrance exam.”

Wan Zi Heng creased his brows tightly as he looked at the direction Ye Wu Chen had disappeared to.

“Moreover, he didn’t reply to my previous question. Can it be he’s jealous of me?”

‘That’s right, he must be jealous that I’ve gotten a chance to flirt with her.’

“Even though that fella’s appearance isn’t bad, women are realistic. They will only like men with powerful cultivation and noble status. I still don’t know what is that man’s cultivation until now!”

Wan Zi Heng shook his head, feeling sorry for Ye Wu Chen. But he quickly forgot about this matter. He started to discuss with his two other dormitory friends on how to court Mu Ru Yue…

Just when Mu Ru Yue sat down within her room, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her. With a raise of his hand, he pulled her tightly into his embrace.

“Wu Chen?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment as she asked, “Why are you here?”

The man hugged her tightly.

A scorching yet ambiguous vibe was exhaled from his thin lips. He then said with his tone filled with resentment and displease, “Mu Er, when will you be giving me a title? I am really displeased as your husband when I see others fancying you.”

“Wu Chen…” Mu Ru Yue was startled as she asked, “Did something happen?”

Ye Wu Chen gradually released the woman in his embrace. With a voice brimming with resentment, he said, “Your battle today has attracted some people’s attention. There are even some that want to court you. I’m jealous so I don’t plan on continuing to treat you like a stranger.”


Ye Wu Chen sealed Mu Ru Yue’s lips with his kiss before she could say further. He then declared as if relieving his stress, “Furthermore, not only that, but I also want to make the entire academy understand you, Mu Ru Yue, are my woman. Nobody can take fancy of you!”

‘I can listen to whatever she says other than this matter. But I won’t give in regarding this matter…’

“Mu Er, I miss you…”

Ye Wu Chen shifted his thin lips to her ears and said softly, “There won’t be anyone coming here anyways. How about we…”

Mu Ru Yue felt somewhat helpless.

‘I don’t know what madness has gotten into this fella today. I don’t think I’ve done anything…’

“Since you’re here, I can’t really chase you away now, right?” Mu Ru Yue pursed her lips as she said helplessly.

That sentence was equivalent to indirectly agree to Ye Wu Chen’s action.

Ye Wu Chen slowly stripped both of their clothes after gaining Mu Ru Yue’s approval. Following that, he carefully carried Mu Ru Yue toward the bed placing her on the bed. He then towered her, gently kissing the woman beneath him…

The next day when the sun just rose.

Ye Wu Chen was awakened by the sound of the door being pushed open. He slowly opened his purple eyes, looking at Li Sha that was at the entrance.

Perhaps it was due to him just waking up that his voice had a trace of laziness when he said, “Get lost!”

Li Sha was stunned. She often entered Mu Ru Yue’s room casually so she didn’t expect to see the sight where both of them were sleeping together, naked. She was a woman that hadn’t been in a relationship after all. Hence, when she saw such a sight, her face flushed red…

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