EAA Chapter 113


Chapter 113 – You Aren’t My Match

Yan Jin raised his sorrowful gaze and focused on Mu Ru Yue’s back. This woman just casually tossed him aside and towards a man. Didn’t she know that he, Yan Jin, only loved beauties and not men?

Yet, when Yan Jin looked at Ye Wu Chen, he frowned slightly. Why did he feel Ghost King Wu Chen’s presence from this man?

A beast’s sense of smell was always extremely sensitive. Using their sense of smell, they could instantly determine the other’s identity.

Should he tell this to that little girl? But that man had previously mentioned that he didn’t want her to know for her safety. Yan Jin decided to temporarily not expose him at the moment.


“Ling Ye, the Phoenix Furnace is in my hands. If you are capable, come and get it then.” Mu Ru Yue lifted her cold face to look indifferently at Ling Ye.

Ling Ye expressed a sinister smile. With a freezing gaze, he said, “Since you do not accept my kind offer, don’t blame me for being impolite! I must obtain that Phoenix Furnace.”


A strong aura burst forth from Ling Ye’s body, surging violently towards Mu Ru Yue. With killing intent reeking from his body, the sword in his hand slicing an arc through the air. He instantly caused sand and dust on the ground to rise from the wind created by his sword.


Peng! Peng! Peng!

The surrounding roadside shops were destroyed by the slash of wind created by his blade, having been instantly flipped over. The onlooking crowd no longer watched the fight as they frantically ran for their lives.

Obviously, there were some that didn’t fear death and closely spectated the scene.

Mu Ru Yue drew her sword without a single change in her expression. She felt a powerful force jolt her internal organs the moment her sword collided with the sword wind. A trace of blood leaked out from the corner of her mouth.

The disparity between her power and Ling Ye’s wasn’t small…

“You aren’t my match.” Ling Ye raised his head as he arrogantly looked down at Mu Ru Yue.

“Is that so?” Mu Ru Yue coldly sniggered. She opened her palm and a few bottles appeared in her hand. She used her thumb to push them open. Once the bottles opened, she took a pill from each of the bottles and consumed them.

“Power Strengthening Pill, Defence Reinforcement Pill, Speed Increasing Pill, Energy Strengthening Pill….”

Ling Ye’s expression changed drastically.

How could he have forgotten that she could use pills to assist in battle. Ordinary pills required some time before the effects of the pills began, but this young girl’s pill effects were instantaneous.

This was to say that the pill’s power transformed into her power the instant she consumed it.

After the various pills were consumed by Mu Ru Yue, her entire body became like a sharp arrow as she violently charged towards Ling Ye. Her blade emitted faint red rays of light. The intensity of the light continued to increase, almost enclosing her entire body within the light.

Ling Ye became slightly alarmed and didn’t dare to underestimate the current Mu Ru Yue. He hastily raised his sword to counter her attack. The two of them took a couple of steps back the moment the two swords collided.

Currently, Ling Ye felt the web between his thumb and index become sore and numb. There was a sweet taste surging up from his throat, but he swallowed it back down.

There mustn’t be any moment where you appear weak before your opponent.

“You are only at such a level after using the pills,” Ling Ye sinisterly commented.

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything. Even if she consumed pills, Ling Ye’s strength was still above hers, resulting in some injuries to her internal organs….

Her gaze, however, slightly narrowed as she moved in a flash once more towards Ling Ye. Her sword swung forward from the side, like a red ray of light.

Ling Ye moved his body to avoid it before he thrusted his sword forward, piercing towards Mu Ru Yue like an enormous dragon.

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  1. Yan Jin hasn’t mentioned Ghost King not being a fool, so he probably won’t mention this as well. Especially since he has been tossed around a lot recently. Good thing he only appreciates MRY’s beauty like someone appreciating good art, and not as a potential mate, cause like he said before, such a competition would be fierce and debatable if worth it (or even if he would win and such as MRY has no interest in him).

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